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Everything’s Better With Bluetooth!

My Bacon Number post got a lot of responses, including readers with connections to Patsy Cline, John Wayne, and Willie Nelson, among others. But we have one BIG winner.

Now I thought I was doing pretty good with my list:

Eleanor Roosevelt
Margaret Mead

(Met them at lectures at Peabody College in Nashville with my mother when I was 10-11)

Werner Von Braun
(Met with my father when he worked at Boeing in Huntsville during the late 60’s on the Apollo project.)

Deke Slayton
(Was my late best friend’s brother-in-law)

Deng Chao Peng (Chinese Chairman)
Barbie Benton
Richard Feynman
Jim Oberg

(Met while they were visiting NASA-JSC when I worked there from 1978-1987.)

John Glenn
John Young
Bob Crippen
Walt Cunningham
Neil Armstrong
Ed Aldrin
Scott Carpenter
Gordo Cooper
Sally Ride
Anna Fisher
Bill Fisher
Story Musgrave
(Met at NASA-JSC when I worked there from 1978-1987.)

*** Challenger 7 ***
Dick Scobee
Mike Smith
Judy Resnik
Ellison Onizuka
Ron McNair
Greg Jarvis
Christa McAuliffe

(Met at NASA-JSC when I worked there from 1978-1987.)

Col. Sanders
(Met while working at a new KFC while in college in 1967. This was when he still visited every new store.)

Willie Mays
Jesse Owens

(Met while working as a Broadcast Engineer at a black radio station in Birmingham.)

Fanny Flagg
(She was my baby sitter when I was a kid. Her real name is Patricia Neal. Her family and mine were close friends.)

Sean Connery
Katherine Ross
John Saxon
Leslie Nielson
Robert Conrad
(Met them while I was at White Sands for the STS-3 Shuttle landing. We were all staying at the same hotel in Alamogordo while they were filming “Wrong is Right”.)

The Mamas and Papas
Gene Watson
Chet Atkins
Floyd Cramer
Boots Randolph
Al Hirt

(Met while playing in bands in Nashville in the mid 60’s)

Kenny ‘Snake’ Stabler  – Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback
(Played High School football with him at Foley High School, Foley, AL and my mother was his tutor in some subjects after school.)

Jimmy Buffet
Almost certainly met him as a kid when he used to surf at Gulf Shores, AL while I grew up there. In his books he talks about surfing at Alabama Point. My friends and I surfed there too, and talked to the kids from Mobile. He’s about two years older than me.

But I think friend and blog reader Boots Gibson has me beat. Here’s hers.

I met and/or cared for quite a few well-known people in my 50 years in the medical field.  A few are: 

Gabby Hayes,
Barbara Stanwyck,
Red Foxx,
Ralph Bellamy,
Elizabeth Taylor’s mother,
David and Ricky Nelson’s parents (Ozzie and Harriet) and grandmother,
David Soul,
Ryan O’Neal,
Evel Knievel,
Richard Burton,
Gary Busey,
Peggy Lee,
Jimmy Durante,
Casey Kasem,
Euell Gibbons

and she just missed Elvis!

Elvis visited someone in the afternoon when I wasn’t working yet but when I got in for the evening shift the place was still all a buzz.  Those are a few I remember off the top of my head, but there were many others. 

Celebs get sick just like us mere mortals!

Someone asked why, the other day, I mentioned picking up our prescriptions from both Sam’s Club and WalMart. Why two different places?

My answer – Because it’s cheaper. Of course.

WalMart has their $4 – $10 list, so we start with that. Whenever our doctor wants to prescribe something new, we check the list and coordinate with her on it, trying to pick the cheapest one.

But our fallback is Sam’s Extra Value List, their own version of the $4 – $10 list, but with different, in some cases, more expensive drugs. Now, of course you have to be a Sam’s Club member, which runs about $70 per year. But to be able to buy under the Extra Value List, you have to upgrade to a Plus membership for an additional $30 per year. But we usually save the $30 upgrade fee on one month’s prescriptions.

Right now, all of our prescriptions are on one or the other lists, saving us a lot of money every month.


As Sheldon says, “Everything’s better with Bluetooth!”  And the Jacuzzi people apparently took that to heart.

Bluetooth Showerhead

So let me get this straight. You have to plug in and recharge your shower?

Thought for the Day:

In 1969, we built the C-5A, a transport plane whose cargo bay was large enough to accommodate the entire first flight of the Wright brothers only 66 years before.


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