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Not Enough Eye Bleach . . .

We were out the door about 9:20 this morning, heading for Jan’s 10am doctor appointment up in Friendswood, unaware that I would later see something that can not be unseen, and also be run down by a shopping cart

But before we left the Santa Fe area, we stopped at the local Valero (soon to be Circle K) for a fill-up. It’s hard to believe how much gas prices dropped while we were gone for our 2-1/2 week vacation.

When we left the price was pushing $3 a gallon, but today it was $2.55, a nice drop. Don’t know if it can all be attributed to the fact that the 4th of July has passed, but I’ll take it, anyway.

Jan’s appointment was just a blood draw, to check up on her thyroid . . . or lack there of.  She hasn’t had one since the 90’s so she takes levothyroxine. But they like to keep an eye on her dosage, thus the tests.

Finished with that we drove over to Webster to have breakfast at our favorite The Egg and I, a doctor appointment tradition of ours. We’d have breakfast here more often, but it seems like doctor appointments are pretty much the only reason we’re up in Webster this early in the day. And that’s why we usually end up at the Denny’s down here when we’re have breakfast for dinner.

Jan likes their Build Your Own Omelet, with Onions, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes, Bacon, Fruit, and an English Muffin.

Egg and I Jan's Omelet

For me, it doesn’t really matter where we have breakfast, Denny’s, IHOP, First Watch, or The Egg and I, I always get my usual Two Eggs Over Easy, Bacon, Fruit, and an English Muffin. It’s a nice rut, what can I say.

Egg and I Greg Two Eggs

After our delicious breakfast, I made a pit stop and walked in on two full moons. A gentleman was at the urinal and apparently decided to just drop his shorts and underwear down around his ankles while he took care of business. I think the most apt term is ‘pasty white’. I need eye bleach.

Our next stop was at WalMart to drop off a couple of prescriptions that we’ll pick up later this afternoon. Then leaving the store, I was ambushed by reality again.

A lady?, I guess in a BIG hurry, wheeled her cart around the corner and ran me down as I was coming out the EXIT, and rocked me back on my heels. In fact I suspect if I hadn’t been walking forward, she might have knocked me down.

Looking at her with the cart pretty much embedded in my gut, I said, “I’m sorry. I thought this was the exit.” Then I looked up at the sign overhead and said, “I was right. This is the EXIT.” When she continued to just stare at me, I pushed her and her cart back about a foot and headed out to the truck.

I’m not sure who, or what I ticked off, but I’m going to be really careful the rest of the day.

Our next stop was a couple of miles away at our house, so we could started making a list of things we want to fix, change, or update throughout the place.

I was happy to see that ‘Juan’ had done a really nice job on the yard, so I’ll see if I can get him to do it every two weeks or so.

“Por favor, corte mi patio cada dos semanas.”

Overall the place looks pretty good, especially for a house that will turn 40 next July, with just a couple of major things and some other small ones that need to be done.

One thing that sets our place off from the others like it in the subdivision are the French doors across the back of the living room.

House French Doors

Originally this wall consisted of a solid wooden door located where the far right door is now, and a 4’ x 6’ window on the middle left. Then, probably 20 years ago or so, Chris and I knocked out the entire wall, installed a 4” x 4” pillar in the center, and added the two sets of French doors. It really opened up the space.

Another plus is that our place has never been flooded, not during Hurricane Alicia in 1983, Ike in 2008, nor Harvey last year. Everything stayed high and dry.

Finishing up, with a lot of ideas and measurements to consider, we headed back over to WalMart (no cart injuries this time) for our prescriptions, and few other things, and then next door to the Sam’s Club for a few more scripts.

Thought for the Day:

When you’re dead, you don’t know that you’re dead. All of the pain is felt by others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid.


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