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Last Day In My Old Hometown . . .

it’s our last full day here, so I wanted to do some prep work around the rig so we can get an early start tomorrow morning.

Since I still don’t  have the generator working so no AC, we want to get an early start letting us get  to Meridian between noon and 1pm, before it starts getting too hot.

First off I buttoned up the generator since I probably won’t look at it any more until we’re back home in Santa Fe. Then I crawled under the rig and replaced the slobber can on the engine.

I figured it was gone since I was getting some oil spotting on the front of the toad on this trip. And it had fallen off, so this time I replaced it with a larger can, one that peaches come it and tried to fasten it down a little better. We’’ see how it works now.

A little before 4pm Jan and I headed back over my Aunt Virginia’s for supper.On the way I made a quick detour through the Marathon station on the corner where we plan to diesel up tomorrow morning. It’s changed hands and brands since we were here last year, so I to be sure that my entry/egress points were still OK and also wanted to be sure they would be open by 7am or earlier.

Jan will follow me down in the truck and then we’ll hook up there.

Everything looked good so we headed on over to Ninny’s for the afternoon. Our friend Terry Russell alerted me to the fact that in my blog a couple of days ago the part about why I call my Aunt Virginia ‘Ninny’ got accidently deleted.

It came about when I was real little and couldn’t say ‘Virginia’. It just came out as Ninny, so that stuck without even the ‘Aunt’ part. So she’s always just been Ninny to me.

And for some reason her husband whose name was Theo was always Buddy to me. And I’m not sure why on that one. So it was always just Buddy and Ninny.

We had decided to try a local Mexican restaurant called Las Trojas Cantina, but Ninny didn’t get finished doing her hair in time so I called ahead and picked up our order.

Turned out to be pretty good, especially considering it was ‘Ala’-Mex and not Tex-Mex. We finally left a little after 7pm, after saying our goodbyes until next year.

Aunt Virginia Calvin

And as usual Ninny sent us home with a lot of fresh-baked food. And we’re already looking forward to next year seeing everyone.

Thought for the Day:

You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Toilet paper is a good example.


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