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It Wasn’t The Belt . . .

Once the heavy rain let up this afternoon, I went outside to disconnect the washer/dryer vent so I could pull the unit out and check out the drive belt situation.

I also brought in the dolly/frame that I built up a while back to facilitate the removal and installation of our Splendide unit. Since It’s in two pieces, it’s small enough that I can carry it in one of our storage bays.

Washer Dolly

Using it makes it really simple to pull the unit out of its hole and then roll it out into the kitchen to work on it.

But at least to start with, I was only going to pull it part way out and turn it around to access the back panel. That way I could leave the water and drain connections hooked up while I was working on it.

Since I used a jigsaw to widen the opening the last time I worked on the unit, it now just takes a couple of minutes to pull the unit out. And then it was a couple of screws to remove the back panel to let me at the belt to get the part number to order a new one.

And the belt was fine. Not broken, or even off the pulley, and by turning the pulley/drum by hand, not slipping either. So why was I hearing the motor running without the drum moving.

So I dug out an extension cord, plugged in the unit, and reached over to the front to turn on the dryer. And it worked perfectly, with no problems. I even started and stopped it a couple of times. Still worked.

So I decided to slid it back in the cabinet and run a small wash load. I didn’t bother to hook up the dryer vent, since I just wanted to be sure the motor/belt/drum combo was actually working.

So throwing in a couple of towels, I started a wash cycle. And after hearing the water entering the drum, suddenly water started pouring out from underneath the unit.


I hit the OFF button and the water flow quickly stopped. And since the water did stop that meant that the leak was internal to the washer. If the leak had been with the hoses coming  in, the leak wouldn’t have stopped when the washer stopped.

At this point I was done for the day. Tomorrow I’ll have to pull it completely out and take a closer look at the hoses. Hopefully I just pulled something loose when I was fooling with it before. We’ll see.

Thought I’d show you how well the Wyze cameras that I set up at the house work in the dark. Here is how it looks with the Infrared (IR) LEDs turned off.

House Cam 1 - No IR

Not much to see.

But when I put it in night mode, here’s what it looks like.

House Cam 1 - With IR

A big improvement.

Readers will remember the problems with my phone hotspot turning off due to a power outage and shutting down my Wyze cameras at the house while we were on our recent trip.

One of our readers, Arthur, suggested that I solve the problem by using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to keep the cameras running while the power is off. And if I had it to do over, I would.

But now that we’re back and by the house every day or so, I’ll just reset the system by hand for now. But thanks for the suggestion, Arthur.

Thought for the Day:

Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. 


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