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HotSpot Not . . .

Well, things are starting to come together now that we’re back in residence here at the Petticoat Junction RV Park in Santa Fe, TX

I did finally get someone to mow the grass at our house today, so that’s done for a week or so, at least. Darn stuff just keeps growing.

Readers will remember that I set up a couple of the Wyze cameras at the house before we left on our trip, but it hasn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I left Jan’s cell phone there, plugged in to a charger, to provide a WiFi hotspot for both cameras and also a remote-controlled lamp.

But I ran into a problem with the hotspot. I had set it up here at the rig for a week before we left and it worked fine, never dropping out. But a couple of days after we left on our trip, the system shut down, both cameras and the lamp. I figured the hotspot had turned off, or everything had been stolen. I was hoping for the former, not the latter.

When our son Chris came back down to pick up some last things he turned the hotspot back on and it worked . . . for a couple of days. Then it quit again.

A couple of days later, Piper came and turned it back on. And a couple of days later it quit again. Then when we got back this past Monday we turned it back on, and a day later it quit again. ???

Then our son Chris gave us a clue on what was happening. He said they’ve had a lot of short power outages at the house recently. So when that happens, the cameras and the lamp controller shut down for a while. But the phone stays on, and after a couple of minutes with nothing connected to it to the hotspot, it shuts off, supposedly to save power. And as far as I can tell from online there’s no way to fix this.

I could take my Jetpack MiFi over there and use that, but then I’d have to reconfigure the cameras and light controller to work on the MiFi, and also reconfigure all the Alexa’s, remote switches, etc, here in the rig to work off Jan’s phone. So probably not.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Tomorrow morning Jan has a doctor’s appointment for some regular every six month tests. Then after breakfast at the Egg and I, a doctor’s appointment ritual, we’ll head over to the house and start making a list of things we want to do there before we put in on the market. And of course, turn the hotspot back on.

Thought for the Day:

Some things are better left unsaid. Which I generally realize right after I’ve said them.


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