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Happy Almost Birthday, Miss Piper!

Jan and I headed out about 10:30, traveling up the Clear Lake area to meet our granddaughter, Miss Piper, at The Egg and I for breakfast.

We were spending the day together to celebrate her almost birthday. The reason for this pre-celebration celebration because her actual birthday is next Friday, but we’ll be celebrated Landon’s post birthday birthday celebration.

His birthday was actually August 20, but since that was kind of in the middle of the whole closing on the new house/moving in thing, Brandi scheduled his big party for this coming Saturday.

Hopefully you got all that.

Piper Egg and I

Piper is working in Medical Administration at M. D. Anderson Cancer Hospital up in Houston, which is also where Jan worked back in the 80’s. So it was interesting to hear them comparing parking lots, buildings, and benefits.

Piper not really happy with the long drive in to Houston five days a week, but since she works from 7am to 3p, she misses some of the traffic problems. Even better, M. D. Anderson is opening a facility down in this area so she hopes to be able to transfer when the time comes.

Piper said she’ll have her BS in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Psychology in less than a year, and then she starts on her Masters.

Jan and I are really proud of her.

I had my usual Two Egg Breakfast, while Jan had her Onion, Mushroom, Tomato Omelet with a side salad,

Egg and I Jan Omelet 2

while Miss Piper went with this.

Egg and I Piper

You can eat like this when you’re skinny.

After breakfast we split up, with Jan and Piper heading out for Mani-Pedi’s and shopping, while I headed over, first to WalMart to pick up a USB printer cable and a pair of windshield wipers.

The printer cable was for Miss Piper’s birthday present, a HP 6952 printer. The new printer didn’t come with one, but I figured I would just use the one with her old printer. But it turns out she didn’t have an ‘old’ printer, which is why she needed a printer for her birthday.

And since Piper mentioned that one of the wipers on her Mazda Miata was coming apart, I picked up a pair of those too.

Still needing to kill time, I decided spend it at the Baybrook Mall Starbucks having a Salted Caramel Latte, Venti, of course. And on the way I drove by our old house to see if they’d made any changes, but nothing noticeable yet.

As I was leaving the Starbucks, I saw this car and didn’t recognize the trident emblem on the front.

Maserati 1

But after checking the rear, I knew why. You don’t see them very  often.

Maserati 2

It’s a Maserati sedan. A Levante that starts at about $75,000.

We all met up at Piper’s apartment a little after 3pm so I could set up her new printer and get it configured. Then when we left about a hour later I installed the new wiper blades on the way.

Tomorrow Jan and I are heading up to Brandi and Lowell’s for an inaugural pool party.

Brandi New House Pool Area

Even Baxter likes the pool.

Baxter at the pool

Really looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day:

Human beings may not be best at much, but we’re second-best at an impressive range of things. – Andrew Smith


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