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Rainy Days And Saturdays . . .

always get me down. And keep me from getting much done outside, too.

In between rain bands this afternoon I started prepping to install my new house batteries.

It rained pretty much all night and most of the morning, before slacking off in the early afternoon. So I first started with the new ones, getting them set up by installing  the bolt-type connectors.

New Deka Rig Batteries

This was necessary since the rig uses the bolt-on connections rather than conventional automotive posts. Next up I ‘staked’ the posts and the terminals together using a screwdriver and a tap from a hammer.

I learned this trick when I was10 years old, and watching/helping/learning from the mechanic working on the Jimmy (GMC) 6-71 diesel engines in my father’s shrimp boats in Gulf Shores, AL

New Deka Rig Batteries2

It locks the two together and helps give them a better connection.

Next I disconnected the outside two Interstate 6 volts batteries and removed them, leaving the other two still connected, making it quicker and easier to swap out the old and new ones when the time comes.

Old Rig Batteries

But that time didn’t come this afternoon because the heavy rain showed up again and brought things to a halt. So maybe tomorrow.

About 4:30 Jan and I headed out for a late lunch at Denny’s, and then a stopover at WalMart for a few things before heading back home.

I did make a stop by the PO and found our new (renewed) passports had come in. And in only about 3 weeks. Not bad.

So now we’re all set for next April and another 10 years.

Right now the rain is supposed to slack off tomorrow afternoon so maybe I can finish up with the batteries, and a few other chores as well.

Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

If you don’t die, every new day is the best day ever.


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