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Happy Birthdays . . .

Jan and I got several comments on yesterday’s blog about what Jan should do on our (her?) European Cruise next April in case I’m not able to make the trip (cause I’m dead.)

I had suggested she just drag me along in a body bag. But some of our readers had different ideas.

Chris Yust said Jan should have me cremated and carry me along in a bag with a hole in it, and scatter my ashes around Europe. Another friend, Tricia, said that Jan “should leave the body bag (formerly known as Greg) at home” and take her instead.

All I can say is don’t give Jan any ideas.

I finally got a chance to really try the Carolina Reaper paste that I found at Aldi’s last week.

Stonemill Carolina Reaper Paste

And I’m still disappointed.

Last weekend we brought home some of the Costco Pulled Pork left over from Brandi’s Street Tacos that she fixed for dinner. So when we finished it up Wednesday night, I mixed a large glob of Reaper into some of the Famous Dave’s Sweet & Zesty BBQ Sauce that we had and gave it try.

It just wasn’t that hot.

Buffalo Wild Wing’s Blazin’ Wing Sauce is much hotter, and so is my Volcano Dust Pepper Flakes.

Volcanic Dust

This contains 10 different peppers, including Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) & Moruga Scorpion Peppers, both recent holders of the World’s Hottest Pepper Award. So I guess that I’ll have to break down and order some Reaper powder from Amazon.

There’s a lot going on at Chez Chris&Linda up in Kingsland TX in the Hill Country. With all this free time he’s got in retirement, Chris made this large set of wind chimes for the back yard.

Chris Wind Chimes

He welded up the pole and then turned the wood chimes on his lathe. Linda says they sound like cathedral bells. Nice job.

Also looks like they’ve got a new pet.

Chris Turtle 1

Linda said they found it crawling around the hanger so they put in the pond in the backyard. Looks like a Red-Eared Slider like the ones we  had as pets a long time ago.

Years before we started RV’ing we had a couple of Sliders that we bought at a pet store. They started out about the size of Chris’, and over the years grew to be about the size of dinner plates, and lived in a kiddie wading pool.

They finally got so big that I gave them to the Aquarium Restaurant at the Kemah Boardwalk location. They had a swamp exhibit with small alligators, caiman’s, fish, and other turtles. They seemed to be pretty happy when we checked in on them a couple of years later.

One thing I’ve always found amazing with the varied patterns on the bottom of their shells.

Chris Turtle 2

They’re uniquely individual, like fingerprints, and remind me of ancient hieroglyphs.

Tomorrow is Landon’s Big Birthday Bash up at the Smith Ranch, an event facility north of Katy. Landon’s had birthdays there twice before, but outside. However since it’s supposed to be raining tomorrow, Brandi moved it inside.

So we’re heading up there tomorrow afternoon for the get-together, then Jan will stay over Sunday, so she can accompany Landon to his school on Monday for Grandparent’s Day. Then I’ll drive up after work Monday to bring her home.

Last up, Jan and I want to wish our beautiful granddaughter Piper a happy 25th birthday.


We’re really proud of her. She’s in Medical Administration up at M.D. Anderson Hospital, but hoping to get a transfer down to their new facility in this area.

Happy Birthday, Miss Piper!

Thought for the Day: 

“Let them hate so long as they fear” (Oderint Dum Metuant), Lucius Accius (170 BC – 86 BC)


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