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Now There’s Two Of Them?

I had hoped to get some stuff done around the rig this afternoon after work, maybe get the new rig’s house batteries installed.

But the closely-spaced rainstorms moving through kind of put the kibosh on that. So maybe tomorrow. Same thing goes for looking at my generator problem.

However we may get a break on our upcoming Florida trip, at least as far needing the AC’s on along the way. It’s a little far out for really accurate forecasting, but The Weather Channel shows that the daily high temps between here and Alabama looked to be in the high 70’s-low 80’s during our travel timeframe.

Hopefully it will hold. But we’ll be traveling early in the morning anyway.

The AC power supply for my  6 year old ASUS laptop has gotten kind of flakey so I ordered a new one from Amazon that came in today. And since my battery (the original one) was also pretty worn out, I added one of them too.

This new battery, at 7800 mAh, has about 50% more capacity than the old one.

New Laptop Battery

The perspective here makes it hard to see, but the new one holds the extra capacity by making it a riser.tilting the keyboard to a better angle.

My new (replacement) front wheel hub cover also came in.

Spartan Wheel Simulator

So when I put the cover on, it might be good time to check the oil level in my front wheel hubs while I’m at it.

As a follow up to Brandi’s Big Green Backyard Lizard, seems like there may be more than one running loose.

Lizard at Brandi's

When Brandi posted the story on Facebook,  someone alerted her to someone else who had lost  their scaly green pet. But when Brandi contacted them, she found that hers wasn’t the missing one.

And when she posted the result of her call, someone said, “So there’s two of them roaming around out there?”

Thought for the Day:

“Be nice, until it’s time to not be nice.”


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