And Now Another One . . .

I Won’t Do That Again.

My Aunt Virginia gave Jan a couple of local Athens Church cookbooks, containing many of our family and friend’s recipes, including many favorites I remember from my childhood, and even later, specifically my Aunt T’s Dill Bread. Even Jan remembers this bread, since Aunt T was still alive and baking it when we were first married.

Jan suggested that I look through the cookbooks to see if I recoginzed any other names. And that was my mistake.

I quickly came across one that rang a bell. She was a classmate of mine, in fact she was both my Chemistry and Biology lab partner when I went to the 10th grade in Athens. She was really cute, a cheerleader, and sweet to boot. Even better, her father owned the Ford dealership in town, and she got the very first Mustang in town for her 16th birthday. She and I got along great and I almost broke my rule to not date that year.

Since I had been with my previous girlfriend, Sam (Samantha), the future Duchess, for over a year and a half while we were in South America, and I missed her, I wasn’t in a big hurry to get back to dating again.

Since I skipped the 1st grade and started directly into the 2nd, (another story) I was always the youngest kid in my class, even though few people knew it.

I also didn’t really go to the 9th grade, since we were living in South America at the time. My mother, who had been a teacher, signed off that she had home-school me, but what really happened was that she just gave me all the textbooks and told me to read them. Which I did in about a month. And had no problem in the 10th grade in Athens.

So anyway,while most kids already had their driver’s license going into the 10th grade, I didn’t even get my learner’s permit until October of that year.

So my asking a girl out would have gone like this.

“Mary, would you like to go to the Junior Prom with me? Oh, and by the way, can you drive?”

Nope, not going to happen!

Or even a worse scenario, having my parents drive us.

Nope, not that either. Haven’t done that since I was about 12.

So I never asked her out, but I did think about it. Partly because it seemed like a lot of guys were intimidated by her and she didn’t seem to date much. And in hindsight I wish I had asked her out.

Because when I made the mistake of looking her up this morning, I found she  died at the age of 58 in 2006.

I won’t do that again.

Thought For The Day:

They say I will learn by my mistakes. If true I should now be a borderline genius.



3 Responses to And Now Another One . . .

  1. Albert Panzer says:

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  2. Norm Sullivan says:

    “you just cannot go back home again”


  3. Jan, do share some of those great recipes with me PLEASE… and Thank You! My Mom and GM s never wrote down any recipes… Although I do remember a lot of them, you can never have too many recipes.


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