I Should Have Done This A Long Time Ago . . .

Or It’s God’s Way Of Telling Me I Need A New Computer.

For the last several days I’ve been fighting a problem with my desktop computer. First Windows Live Mail wouldn’t open, followed the next day by Chrome.

Internet Explorer would still work, but with no more than two tabs open. Then it seems like more and more programs slowly died or became flakey. My first thought was a hardware problem, but every test I ran came up clean.

So it looks like that my Win 7 Operating System is slowly, or not so slowly, dying.  And since this computer is about 7 years old, it’s probably about time for a new one.

But as it turned out, it would be a new old one. I remembered the very powerful one that we had retired at work. It originally ran our websites when we had our server in-house.

It has an i7 processor running at 4Ghz with 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and a 1TB HD. I’ve already ordered another 16GB of RAM which will max out the RAM.

Yesterday I scrubbed the HD, getting rid of the Linux Apache Server software, and installed a fresh copy Windows 10 Pro. Now it’s just a matter of installing new copies of the programs I need, as well as copying over all the data.

Yes, they’re still counting.

Iowa Democratic Party to recount caucus results from 23 precincts.

I guess the idea is just keep doing it until they get it right. And as I mentioned the other day, Nevada’s not looking good either.

They originally planned to use the same app that was used in Iowa. But when that went up in flames, they quickly cobbled together something using Google Docs forms, ‘cobbled’ apparently being the operative word.

However, someone finally came to their senses, and they’re back to doing it the old fashioned way. Just pick up the phone and call in the numbers.

Still think there’s nothing wrong with a paper ballot and a #2 pencil.

Tomorrow night Jan has her yearly get-together with a number of her former hospital coworkers, something they’ve all done every year since we started RV’ing in 2008.

Thought For The Day:

When I was a kid, I wanted to be older. This is not what I expected.



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  1. Janna says:

    I was running an older Toshiba laptop with Windows 7–it still worked but as I’ve now learned–slowly! Got a Dell Inspiron for Christmas and am amazed at how fast it does everything–just shutting down is immediate. I’m thinking I should have bought a new one long ago!

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