Old Friends and Good Times . . .

I spent most of today trying to transfer several terabytes of data from my old computer over to my new one.

I had originally planned to use my 4TB Portable External HD to just transfer it all over at once. But the old computer will no longer recognize the drive. However the new computer has no problems with it, so it’s not the drive.

So I’m reduced to moving the data over 128GB at a time on a flashdrive. Slowly but surely.

Jan had her former coworker get-together this evening at King Food. Every year they have it at a different restaurant, or occasionally at someone’s home.

Last year it was at Delta Blues BBQ and next year it will be at La Brisa Mexican Restaurant.

Jan Coworker Reunion 2020

They started having this gathering in 2009 after we returned to Houston from our first year of RV’ing, and it’s been going on every year since. A nice group of ladies.

As if the Iowa Caucus software debacle wasn’t enough, MIT has found that a mobile voting program called Voatz, and used in a number of different states since the 2016 election, is easily hacked, allowing votes to be exposed, changed, or deleted.

MIT Finds Hackers Can Change Votes in Voting App Used in U.S. Federal Elections

Again, what part of paper and pencil don’t they understand?

Thought For The Day:

It’s one thing to put on Superman’s cape. It’s another thing to actually be able to fly.



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  1. Joan benoit says:

    Jan you never change. Traveling does
    A body good. Lol. Take care and travel on

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