“You’re A Car”

After visiting the hotel’s ‘Coffee Bar’, our Extended Stay America’s version of the Free Breakfast, we were packed and on our way by 9:15am.

Except for our initial keycard problems, our stay here was pretty nice. Our room was really a studio apartment, with a 4 burner oven/stove, a large apartment-sized refrigerator, and a microwave.

Extended Stay Room 1

Plus the dining table made a nice computer table. A very nice stay for about $70 a night, including all taxes.

Although a little disconcerting to start with, the ‘Coffee Bar’ turned out to be pretty nice. Especially since the coffee was really good.

Extended Stay Coffee Bar

Plus they had pre-packaged muffins and granola bars, as well as 4 different flavors of do-it-yourself oatmeal.

And since this is an long-term residence type of place, with a stove and fridge, they even have an online cookbook for cooking on the road.

Extended Stay Cook Book

Although we were heading for Athens AL, about 180 miles north, we made a zig-zag stop at the Golden Rule BBQ out in the Irondale area of Birmingham about 90 miles along the way.

I’ve been eating here since the early 60’s, but I’m a youngster in regards to this place. It’s been in business since 1891, yes, almost 130 years. And it’s listed as the oldest continuously-operating restaurant in the state of Alabama.

So they must be doing something right.

Jan and I got the same thing, a Jumbo Sliced Pork Sandwich, mine with Outside Cut, and fries.

Golden Rule BBQ Jumbo Sliced Pork

‘Outside Cut’ means that the meat is cut from the outside char or ‘bark’, giving the meat a little sweet crunch. Delicious.

And of course, we had to each have a piece of their famous homemade pie. I got my favorite Lemon Cream,

Golden Rule BBQ Lemon Cream Pie

while Jan got a slice of the Double Chocolate Cream but she wouldn’t let me take a photo of it so no one would know she had dessert. You didn’t hear it from me.

Though it was raining a little as we left Montgomery, it started coming down in sheets as we got out of Birmingham. So much so that finally I got behind a brightly-lit semi and followed him, hoping he could see the road better than me, since I couldn’t see it at all.

This long-distance trip in our truck is the first one we’ve done like this since 2015 and it takes a little getting use to. So as we are pulling into a Rest Stop, Jan reminds me, by saying, “You’re a car”, that I need to stay on the Auto side, and not the Truck/Trailer side. Everything helps, I guess.

We got into our Day’s Inn in Athens about 2pm, and got unloaded during a lull in the rain into our very nice room.

Day's Inn Athens Room

A King, Non-Smoking room for only $66/night total. A great deal from Expedia.

Later, around 4:30 we drove right down the road to do something unusual for us. Two meals in one day. But it was to keep up a tradition.

We always have dinner our first night in Athens at the nearby Catfish Cabin, and hey, who wants to mess with tradition, right?

We both had the Blackened Catfish Filets with Steamed Veggies.

Catfish Cabin Blackened Catfish Filets

And of course a basket of their fantastic homemade hushpuppies.

Catfish Cabin Hushpuppies

Really, really good.

Catching up on yesterday, we met up with long-time friend’s Kathy and Weylan, up in the Prattville area at the Longhorn Steakhouse there.

Kathy and Weyland Wilkes

Jan and Kathy worked together here at Jackson Hospital back in the mid-70’s and have stayed in touch. So we always get together when we’re in the area.

While Jan and Kathy were talking over old times, Weylan and I were talking over old jets, specifically F-4B, C, and D Phantoms, his in the Air Force, and mine as a civilian tech working on Marine F-4’s at the Marine Corp Air Station in Beaufort SC, part of Parris Island.

For about 3 years, I worked for both Lear-Siegler and Qualitron-Aero, moving around the country to different bases, ones like Otis AFB on Cape Cod MA, and England AFB in Alexandria LA. Jan and I really enjoyed this, but our son Chris was reaching school age and we didn’t want to have him changing schools every few months. So we settled down after that and I went back to working as a Broadcast Engineer.

It was really good getting to see Kathy and Weylan again, and we’re looking forward to next time.

Thought For The Day:

Karmasutra: When life screws you over in all sorts of creative ways.



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  1. Rob says:

    The oldest restaurant in Alabama sounded familiar. In Scottsboro Alabama we had lunch at a place billed as “Payne’s Sandwich Shop and Soda Fountain: Oldest business in Alabama since 1869”.

    I don’t remember the particulars but I suspect the business was not always a soda fountain. We had lunch there and we split a banana split for desert. The girl behind the counter told us we wouldn’t be able to finish it, we laughed! She was correct… It was too much for the two of us!!

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