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Home Again, Home Again . . .

Jan and I checked out of the Texas City La Quinta about 10:30 and were back at the rig by 11am, finding it nice and toasty inside since we left the heaters running overnight.

Before I headed into work for a few hours, I doublechecked that our onboard water was still working without any leaks. And so it was. And since we’re supposed to have temps back down into the 20’s tonight, I’ll wait to hook us back up to shore water until tomorrow. And I’ve left the heat lamp going in the water bay just in case.

Hard to believe that by Sunday it will be back in the 70’s again.

It seems like a lot of the restaurants in the area are connected to the Texas City water system, so just about the time they got back open from the loss of power, they had to shut down again due to a Boil Order from Texas City. But hopefully everything will settle back down soon.

But it looks like the whole shipping/delivery thing is going to be awhile before everything comes back up to speed. Items that were supposed to be delivered from Amazon this past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are now scheduled for next Thursday, though I imagine they will probably show up before then.

Also a number of things we had coming into the office from suppliers via UPS have just disappeared into the system somewhere. The tracking numbers come back as No Information. Check Back Later. So I guess we’ll see when they finally turn up.

Our room at this La Quinta was an upgrade from what we usually ask for, which is just a King Bed, Non Smoking, like this.

La Quinta Texas City 1

But what we got, at no additional charge, was a Deluxe King Studio Suite, which also has this.

La Quinta Texas City 2

A sitting area with another 50” TV. Not exactly sure what we were supposed to do with two TV’s, but it was more comfortable watching TV sitting on the sofa than lying in bed.

Might have to ask for one the next time we travel.


Tomorrow will probably be a nice stay-at-home day, while we work on the big pot of chili Jan made today. Really spicy, and perfect for this cold weather.

Thought For The Day:

Texas Hold'em

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