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And It Started Off So Well . . .

After turning off the shore water, I started removing the old toilet about 10:45 this morning, and by 11:45, it was disconnect, unbolted, and setting off to the side in a large garbage bag.

Then using a screwdriver bit in my drill, I removed the 6 screws holding down the 4 bolt to 2 bolt adapter and lifted it off. And as I hoped I found the original floor flange still in usable condition.

Then I brought the new toilet in from outside and looked it over. And that’s when I discovered a problem. This toilet had no hookup for the external spray hose. And Jan wants the spray hose.

The spray hose connection comes off of the vacuum breaker that plugs in the back of the toilet. And the vacuum breaker on the new toilet had no connection for the hose like the old one did.

So simple, right? Just swap vacuum breakers. But easier said than done. The hose connected the vacuum breaker with the flush pedal water valve on the side of toilet was heated and pushed onto the fitting and would not come off, so I had to cut it off. And once I did that the hose was now too short to reach.

By this time I decided to call an audible. It was obvious that I was going to have go out for new hose. And since it was now after 2pm, I decided that with the uncertain repair time, we would go out and have lunch at the Denny’s, pick up some new hose at the nearby Lowe’s, and then stash Jan in the Texas City Quality Inn for the night. One with a bathroom. So getting Jan all set up, I headed back to the rig to try and finish up. And it actually went pretty smoothly, all things considered.

I heated a mug of water in the microwave, and then used it to soften the new hose to fit over the connections, leaving me with this on the water valve.

New Toilet Water Vale

And this on the vacuum breaker.

New Toilet Vacuum Breaker

And now came the part that I figured I’d have problems with, but didn’t.

I was able to set the toilet right in place with the 4 bolts lined up perfectly. Then it was just a matter of connecting up the water supply, and then tighten down the 4 nuts that hold the toilet in place.

And though when I tuned on the water pump, I had a small leak, a quick turn took care of it. Then I had to install the pedestal cover and pedal cover, and by 6pm I was done.d

Then after tidying up, I headed back over to the hotel for the night.

Glad it’s done.

Thought For The Day:

When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.

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