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Now It’s Prep-For-Toilet Sunday . . .

I have ordered stuff for pickup from WalMart four or five times over the last year, and only once has it gone smoothly. And today did not change that tally.

I ordered some storage bins and some vitamins this morning to be picked up at the Texas City WalMart on my way home. But when I got there and drove around to the side to the pickup area, they had no idea who I was or why I was there.

And after I had waited for 45 minutes past my appointed pickup time, they finally discovered that my order had been unceremoniously canceled, and for no discernible reason, saying only this . . . because of unusually high demand. Slot availability, staffing, and inventory are still fluctuating daily.

Now the pickup crew had never seen this message before and couldn’t explain it. But they suggested I reorder for tomorrow. So I ordered again, but to be picked up at a different store. So I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Toilet Saturday is now going to be Prep For Toilet Sunday. I want to double-check that I have all the right tools and wrench/socket sizes. If everything goes smoothly the changeout should only take me a couple of hours. But everything seldom goes smoothly, now does it.

As a follow-up to some things I posted a while back.

If someone in your household has COVID-19, there’s only a 1-in-10 chance you’ll catch it too.

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital write in this study, published in JAMA Open Network. 

This follows up with my personal experience when I had CoVid last February, but Jan never even got the sniffles. And then Christmas Eve Jan and I dropped off a Christmas gift for my client’s wife and got big hugs and a pan of her homemade cinnamon rolls. Then on Monday when she came by the office, I thanked her for the cinnamon rolls and got another big hug. 

Then on Saturday, she was diagnosed with CoVid after showing mild symptoms and finding out a couple of people at the church had it. And this was confirmed by both the Rapid Test, and the slower, more accurate test.

However, Jan and I never showed any symptoms at all.

But then there are some friends of ours who only left the house for groceries and doctor appointments, and always wore masks and gloves. Plus all groceries AND mail were wiped down the disinfectant before they were brought into the house.

However they went to a family member’s funeral in August, still wearing masks and gloves, and social distancing the entire time. Then a couple of days later, they heard that someone at the funeral had been diagnosed with CoVid, a person they never even met or got near, and about a week later they both came down with it.

We also hear about ‘superspreader’ events where one person supposedly infects dozens or more other people. So once again, what are these people doing at these events that a husband and wife aren’t?

Thought For The Day:

Never Buy A Mask

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