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Thankful . . .

As I said yesterday, today was just a hang-around-the-rig day, sorting through stuff, some to throw away and some to go over to the storage room. And of course, more of Jan’s delicious chili for dinner.

Later in the afternoon I went outside and got us hooked back up to shore water. Then I took a few minutes to fill our onboard water tank up again, and stowed away my heat lamp, all ready for the next freeze.

Looking over my PayPal Debit Card charges in my email, I noticed that though the charge had come through for the first two days, which was for 2 days at $64 + tax per day, nothing had come through for the last two days.

But when I went online to look at my PayPal account directly, I saw several ‘pending’  charges from the hotel that were much higher than I thought they should be,

So  i asked my bookkeeper (Jan) if I could see the hotel bill that I got when we checked out. Since I had my hands full with luggage I just handed it off to my bookkeeper (Jan) without looking at it.yesterday. They had taken my credit card and I had signed the bill when I checked in, so I didn’t get a chance to look it over.

But when I looked at it today, I saw a problem, a big problem. While the first two days were $64 each, the 3rd day was $139, and the 4th day was billed at $124.


So I put into a call to the hotel,and was told what I thought might be the problem, based on things I’d been reading online in the last couple of days.

The rates that the hotel charges are set centrally and are based on an algorithm that sets the rates based on hotel occupancy. So when the hotel filled up, the rates went. But she said they’re not supposed to go up in the middle of a stay. So she’s looking into it for me to get it corrected.

Jan and I are very thankful that we came through the Big Freeze with few problems, and our hearts and prayers go out to all the people who didn’t fair as well as we did.

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