One On Every Block?

Jan and I had lunch once again at our local Denny’s, and to our SSSSS, Hugo the cook, was back and making our omelets again.

Denny's Ultimate Omelet 20211003

There’s a reason they’re called the Ultimate Omelet.

Afterwards, we had planned to hit up the HEB right across the Interstate, but Lloyd, one of our faithful readers told me that Amazon is also building another Distribution Facility over on 96 in League City, also not too far from us.

It does however look like they’re not as far along as the La Marque location.

Amazon Hwy 96 Faciltiy

So it’s beginning to look like Amazon’s going for a warehouse on every block. That way they can just walk your order across the street.

Coming home we stopped off to check out a nearby church’s Pumpkin Patch.

Hwy 96 Pumpkin Patch

So it looks like Halloween is upon us.

Of course you can’t tell it by WalMart, since all their Halloween, AND their Thanksgiving stuff is gone from the shelves, which are now filled with Christmas decorations. In fact Jan bought several large ornaments this past Thursday, the ones that  are 6-8” in diameter to hang from our Flamingo Flamboyance oak tree.

After 5 days of pretty much constant rain, the rest of the week looks really nice, especially this coming Saturday when we’ve got tickets for the Wings Over Houston AirShow. Right now it looks like sunny and in the mid-80’s.

Lucky for me I married an Air Force brat who loves airshows as much as I do.

Tonight we watched the last three episodes of The Good Wife, seven years and 156 episodes. So now it’s on to the sequel, The Good Fight, five years and 50 episodes.

So far, since it’s still on and starting season six.

One of my Amazon deliveries yesterday was a new addition to my T-Shirt collection.

Think While It's Still Legal T-Shirt

Take it to heart.

Thought For The Day:

See No Evil.   Hear No Evil.   Speak No Evil.
Unfortunately, this leaves Do No Evil wide open.

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