Daily Archives: February 3, 2022

IHOPing . . .

Got a couple of photos from family this morning.

Chris' Backyard Snow

This is Chris’ backyard up in Kingsland where right now at 7pm it’s 24° going down to about 19 tonight.

And up in Lowell’s hometown of Pauls Valley, OK, it looks like this at his parent’s house.

Lowell's Parents Snow 20220203

Glad it’s up there, and we hope it stays up north. However right now my weather app shows that it’s sleeting/snowing up in Katy, but Brandi says they don’t see anything yet.

Jan and I headed out for lunch about 1:30pm. Or at least we tried to.

About 10 days ago while we were out and about in the Jeep, the Battery light on the dash came on. Now normally when that happens it means that the alternator has stop ‘alternating’, or the voltage regulator has stopped ‘regulating’. Back in the day these were two separate thingws, but now days it’s all one unit.

But when I shut the engine off and restarted, the light went away. And stayed away.

For a few days, at least. And then it came back. And then went away again.

So I used my Torque phone app to check the engine codes and found nothing. I got a Cigarette Lighter Voltmeter and left it plugged in.

Cigarette Lighter Voltmeter

And when we were driving it showed the normal 13.6 volts alternator output.

But then the problem stayed away for about a week.

Until this morning, when we left for lunch, and the Battery light came on from the get-go, and stayed. And the voltmeter showed 11.6 volts. So no alternator output. And shutting down and restarting made no difference this time. So we’ll probably drop it off at my mechanic’s tomorrow morning.

So we switched over to our old faithful Dodge Dakota truck and headed out again.

Jan had been wanting to have lunch at an IHOP since she saw a TV ad for their new, limited time, Cali Roasted Turkey Melt sandwich. With roasted turkey breast, bacon, cheddar cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado & mayo on multigrain bread, it was right up Jan’s alley.

IHOP Cali Melt

This photo is from their website, since when I took a picture of Jan’s, it looked like this.

IHOP Cali Melt 2

Not very revealing.

I went with breakfast, with a very tasty Spicy Poblano Omelet.

IHOP Spicy Poblano Omelet

And as my side, I got an order of their New York Cheesecake pancakes.

IHOP Pancakes

There’s strawberries under the whipped cream. They were fluffy and tasty, and good, but not very ‘cheesecakey’.

We had planned to make a WalMart stop after lunch, but by the time we came out, it was 35° and windy, with a 28° wind chill, so we headed home.

Tonight we’re looking at a low of 28° here in Santa Fe, the coldest so far this year, but no snow.

To help protect our pedestals from the cold, I noticed the other day that Rob, our park owner, had installed these Freeze Mister Faucet Protectors on the extra hose bib on our pedestal.

Freeze Mister Faucet Protector

When the temperature gets down into the mid-30’s, the plug automatically starts leaking, or dripping as it were. And then stops when it warms up. So more leaving your faucets dripping full-time overnight.

Thought For The Day:

“We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” ― George Orwell, 1984