Daily Archives: February 15, 2022

Scenic Views . . .

We had lunch today at Twin Peaks once again, but something different this time, rather than our usual.

Jan had been wanting to try their wings, but didn’t want a whole order of 6. So she had 4 and I had 2.

Twin Peaks Wings

In addition, she got a side salad and a cup of the Tomato Basil soup, while I got a bowl of their Green Chile Chicken soup.

Twin Peaks - Green Chile Chicken

Sylvia, our regular waitress, saw us come in and was already getting our drinks together when we were seated.

Twin Peaks - Sylvia minus Victoria

Since TP wasn’t really busy, we got a chance to spend a little time talking to Sylvia. A very nice young lady.

After lunch we had planned to make a WalMart/Sam’s Club stop, but when we came out it had started to rain so we called it a day.

Looks like I’m going have to find a new storage room. We’ve had a climate-controlled 10’ x 20’ with the Extra Space Storage location over on FM517 since 2018 with no problems. They did jump the cost last year $20 from $132 to $152, the first increase in our time there.

But then a few weeks ago I got a post card from them saying they were jumping the rent from $152 to $232 per month. WOW!

That’s a $80 bump, or more than a 53% increase!

I’m going to double check with them tomorrow to be sure it’s not a mistake, but otherwise we’ll be moving on. There’s a Public Storage location about 1 mile or so away that looks to be much more reasonably priced.

Tomorrow it’s back to work after I was off for my doctor’s appointment yesterday.

Thought For The Day:

A woman’s anger is like a check engine light. There is no way to figure out why it came on. Just ignore it and hope it goes away.