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Happy Valentine’s Day . . .

We had my 3 month evaluation with Alexandria, my P.A., this morning and she was very happy with my progress so far. As I had hoped, I can take Advil again, and to Jan’s glee, I’m released from my 20# lifting limit. It seems she has a list of heavy-duty chores for me.

We also talked about the problems with my lower back, I.e., the lumbar region. Turns out that when/if I do something about it, I will need a lumbar fusion like I had done to my cervical area back in November due to the fact that my lumbar vertebrae are misaligned. f

If you think of the vertebrae segments as stacked on top of each other, mine kind of zig-zag, pinching the spinal cord and causing me problems. So they’ll push everything back into alignment and then use a metal/plastic/bone plate to lock everything in place.

But we decided to put this on hold until my 6 month checkup next June to see what improvement I’ve had in the meantime.

Since we’re having a Valentine’s Day dinner at the Saltgrass Steakhouse down in Galveston, we just came straight home after my appointment.

Then about 4:30pm we headed down to Galveston for dinner.

And as all of our previous visits, Saltgrass had our window table waiting for us and we were seated immediately.

And as with our past visits, we got all our favorites, starting with their Wedge Salads.

Saltgrass Galveston Wedge Salad 20220214

Then while Jan got the Maudeen’s Filet with Grilled Green Beans,

Saltgrass Galveston Jan's Filet 20220214

I went with my usual Ribeye, also with the Green Beans.

Saltgrass Galveston Greg's Ribeye 20220214

And of course we had to finish off the meal by sharing a piece of their delicious Carrot Cake.

Saltgrass Galveston Carrot Cake 20220214

And great meal, and great service from our waiter.

Of course that may be because his name was Greg.

Just sayin’.

Thought For The Day:

Well, it would certainly slow me down.

Speed Control Sign