Daily Archives: February 20, 2022

More Muffins . . .

As I said in last night’s blog, lunch today was at Gator’s Bar & Grill over in Dickinson once again. We usually try to eat here on the weekends since they have a bunch of Brunch Specials on the menu, though it seems we usually get our usual favorites. But we have on occasion gotten some of the specials and they’ve always been good.

Jan got one of her favorites, the Strawberry Walnut Salad with Grilled Chicken.

Gator's Strawberry Walnut Salad 20220220

That’s a big dollop of Bleu Cheese in the middle.

it seems I’ve gotten stuck on Gator’s Baked Potato Soup with all the fixings.

Gator's Baked Potato Soup 20220220

Then for dessert, Jan tried Margie’s new Keto Biscuit, heated with butter. Jan said it was good, but more like a muffin than a biscuit.

Gator's New Keto Biscuit 20220220

Even though it had to be defrosted, my Keto Blueberry Muffin was as delicious as usual.

Gator's Blueberry Muffin 20220220

Heated with cold butter.

Leaving Gator’s, the next stop was at our store room so I could get a photo to show the movers.

Store Room Contents

I had to get a wide-angle shot to get it all in.

We started out here with a 5 x 5 climate-controlled unit, and then got a second one after we sold the house. Then we switch over to a 10 x 20 C-C one, which was cheaper than 2- 5 x 5’s. It’s obvious we didn’t need one this big, but at the time it was all they had in a larger one.

But I’m looking at a smaller one at the new location.

Our last stop was at the HEB for our meals next week.

Thought For The Day:

To the people in their twenties who think life sucks, life hasn’t even begun to suck for you yet.

Buckle up! It’s going to be a wild ride!