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Taking A Snooze . . .

After a nice, quiet morning Jan and I were on our way up to Webster to have brunch at Snooze once again.

Jan got her usual favorite, the Bravocado Toast,

Snooze Bravocado Toast 20210207

and we split an order of their ‘Bacon But Different’. There originally were three pieces here, but Jan got her share before I could even get a photo.

Snooze Bacon But Different 20220222

This bacon is made from slices of tender belly bacon, rubbed with brown sugar, cayenne, chili flakes, and then drizzled with black peppered maple syrup. Really, really good.

I decided to try their 3 egg Omelet with Jack cheese, Ham, and Sausage.

Snooze 3 Egg Omelet 20220222

In another universe, this would have been a really good omelet. But I’ve been spoiled by Denny’s Ultimate Omelets that look like this.

Denny's Ultimate Omelet 2

Then after lunch, we made a Lowe’s stop for a shelf board for a rig project I’ll talk about later, and then a Big Lots visit for some of the Hemp lotion Jan likes, that they have cheap.

Then it was home for the night, where I brought in the newest residents to Jan’s Flamingo Flamboyance from the Jeep.

When we were at Costco the other day, we found this pair, and at a great price, too.

Costco Flamingos

They’re life-sized, all metal, with individual feathers, and very well made. I was interested to see that these are actually a Costco product and not from some 3rd party. They’ll be a great addition to the flock.

And probably the last, since the Flamboyance is starting to get a little crowded now.

And even Karma thinks they’re a good idea. Or at least she approves of the box they came in.

Karma in Flamingo Box

As i mentioned before, Karma was never a box cat until very recently. And now she has a small box lined with a towel that she lays in a few times a week.

But today she immediately crawled into the Flamingo box and settled down for a nap.

Strange Cat!

Thought For The Day:

A word to the wise usually isn’t necessary, it’s the stupid ones who really need advice.