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Happy Birthday To Our Daughter-in-Law Linda

First off, Jan and I want to wish our daughter-in-law Linda a very happy birthday. Hope to see you and Chris soon.

I checked in on our Jeep repair this afternoon and found the needed torque converter bolts failed to materialize. They were ordered from the local Chrysler dealer who said they were in stock and they would be here Monday, but they didn’t show up. When my repair place checked back they were told that they were not in stock, and were on back-order. So now they’re looking elsewhere.

We finally got almost an inch of rain last night, enough to cool things off a little, at least. And though it’s been hot so far this summer, it’s never been as hot as it was right after we moved here in later 1978.

During our first summer in July 1978, we had 13 straight days with the temps above 100°.

A great welcome to Texas!

This morning tickets went on sale for the 2022 Wings Over Houston AirShow this coming October. And this year the Navy’s Blue Angel will be performing, so it’s certain to be a great show.

And because I bought the tickets so early, they were half price. So I splurged and got us tickets in the Family Chalet seating area. This area has large shade covers, and even better, free food and drinks.

FWIW One of my favorite memories of my time as a DOD contractor, besides, of course, getting to work on an SR-71, was getting to fix a problem of one of the Blue Angel’s F-4J’s. They had just transitioned to the F-4’s from the Grumman F11F-1 Tigers, so they were still getting acclimated to them.

Blue Angel F-4J

They came through the Marine Corp Air Station in Beaufort, SC, next to Parris Island where I was working and I got the call about a problem on one. Turned out to be just a bad relay, but I got to sit in the pilot’s seat while I was replacing it.


I mentioned in a blog the other day about seeing Immersive Monet & The Impressionists exhibit up in Houston tomorrow, at the same location where we saw one of the Immersive Van Gogh exhibits last year. But our first one was actually in Paris when we visited there in 2019. It was called the Atelier des Lumières, and featured Van Gogh, but it seems that later this fall, it’s moving to New York.

Now called the Hall of Lumières, it will start off showing the works of Gustav Klimt: Gold In Motion.

Atelier des Lumières Gallery 1

Atelier des Lumières Gallery 2

Will definitely check it out if we ever get back to NYC.

Thought For The Day:

There are folks running the government who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches – Will Rogers

June 29, 2009

Williamsburg and Jamestown…

Today we moved about 100 miles northwest to Williamsburg, VA  for a few days.

We want to visit Colonial WilliamsburgJamestown Settlement, and Yorktown Battlefield.

We’re at an RV park called Anvil Campground.  It’s only about 5 miles from Colonial Williamsburg,  but it’s not near as nice as our last park on the lake in NC.

Anvil Campground

Anvil Campground View

It’s OK,  but I guess we got spoiled at the last few parks.  Our coach backs up to the highway with no fence separating us,  so we have to keep a close eye on Mister when he’s out,  and although we have no neighbors right now, the sites are close together.

And there is a railroad track about 200 yards through the trees out in front of us.  We can’t really see the trains, or hear them, but strangely enough, we can feel them.  The whole coach vibrates as the ground rumbles.

After getting set up and goofing off for a while, we headed out to a local Hooters for our hot wing fix.  This was the first time we’ve been back to Hooters since we left Gulf Shores in March so we were starting to go into wing withdrawal.

In the latest news from the RV repair front, both my recent problems, the leaky water heater and the leveler jacks that wouldn’t go down, have mysteriously fixed themselves.

The water heater T&P valve stopped leaking the day before we left NC, and after not working when we got to the park in NC, the levelers worked fine here with no problems. Who knows.

June 29, 2011

Lewis and Clark . . .

Today was our last ‘touristy’ day here in Long Beach, so about 11 am we headed down to Warrenton, OR and the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

Unlike most National Parks, Lewis and Clark National Park is spread out over several locations in this area, both in Oregon and Washington. In this case we were visiting Fort Clatsop, where the Lewis and Clark Expedition wintered over in 1805-1806. In fact this was their last encampment in this area before heading back to St. Louis in March of 1806.

After watching a couple of videos on the “Corp of Discovery”, as the expedition was actually called, and getting our National Park Passport’s stamped, we walked out to the replica of the fort.

Built in 2006 to replace one built in 1955, that burned down in 2005, it’s based on plans drawn by William Clark. The fort was named for the Clatsop Indians who lived in the area and traded with the expedition.

This drawing will give you an idea on the size and shape of the fort.


Probably the best part of our visit was Ranger ‘Tom’ in period costume telling us about life at the fort.

Fort Clatsop

Lewis 1

It was easy to tell he really enjoys his job. Most of this presentation concerned the weapons and ammo used, In this case, muzzle-loading flintlock rifles, horse pistols, and a air rifle. Yes, a .51 caliber air rifle, just like your Crossman pellet rifle, only a lot bigger. This photo show both rifles, the smaller one being the air rifle.

Lewis Rifles

The ranger also showed us a waterproof lead gunpowder container, developed by Meriwether Lewis, probably with the help of his close friend, then-President Thomas Jefferson.

What is unique about it was its usability. After the powder was emptied out, the lead container could then be melted down to make bullets.


Lewis Bullet Container

Here he’s holding the Girandoni Air Rifle, or “Assault Rifle’ as it was also known.

The air was compressed with a hand pump and stored in the buttstock. Fully loaded, it could hold 22 rounds and could fire them as fast as you could pull the trigger.

Definitely the ‘Assault’ rifle of the era.

A little further research revealed some interesting facts about the Girandoni. In fact it has only been recently confirmed that it was a Girandoni at all. There seems to have been a big debate about this over the years due to incomplete information in some cases, and incorrect info in others. There was another air rifle of the period called a Lukens that most scholars seemed to think was the one carried by Lewis, But recent new facts have come to light within the last 5 – 7 years that led to the confirmation of the Girandoni, and even more importantly, the rediscovery of the actual rifle itself, which had been sitting in a private collection since the 1970’s.

The rifle’s identify was confirmed by matching details of the rifle’s damage, repair and markings, as told in Lewis’ journals, with the actual rifle itself.

Lewis Air Rifle

Next Tom gave us a demo of loading and firing the flintlock rifle.

Lewis Rifle Demo 1

After confirming that the barrel is empty with the ramrod, he poured in the coarse gunpowder, and then rammed a moistened cloth patch and a paper spitwad down the barrel. (Apparently they aren’t allowed to use a real lead bullet.)

Then as shown below, he primes the flashpan with fine powder after moving the cock to the half-cock position. Hence the phrase, ‘Don’t go off half-cocked.’ Because your rifle won’t fire that way. It’s like a safety.

Lewis Rifle Demo 2

Then after pulling the cock back to the full-cock position, the rifle is ready to fire.

I took this photo just as Tom fired the rifle. And when you fire a flintlock, you really get fire.

Lewis Rifle Demo 3

Zooming in on the photo shows the burst of flame igniting the powder in the pan and the first puff of smoke. I really lucked out on this shot.

A second later, Tom was enveloped in smoke as the rifle fired.

Lewis Rifle Demo 3 Inset

After that we headed back to the Visitor’s Center, leaving Tom, ever vigilant, guarding the fort.

Lewis Fort 2

Leaving Fort Clatsop, we drove a few miles up the road to Fort Stevens State Park.

We wanted to see the shipwreck that can still be found on the beach there. The Peter Iredale, a four-masted steel-hulled barque, ran aground on October 25, 1906, while on a voyage from Salina Cruz, Mexico to Portland, OR. (BTW a barque, or bark, is just a name for a ship that has three or more masts.)

Peter Iredale 1

Peter Iredale 2

The ship was trying to enter the Columbia River when a sudden squall blew it onto the beach here, and the high winds and rising tide further grounded it.

Seen in this photo, taken the day it grounded, the Peter Iredale, although not badly damaged, was unable to be salvaged, because during the several-weeks wait for favorable weather, the ship so embedded itself in the sand it could not be moved. Most of it was sold for scrap, leaving only the partial bow to mark its gravesite.


While we were at the beach, Jan decided to feed this one seagull that was flying overhead. But he couldn’t keep quiet about it, so in a few seconds it was like we were under attack,

Seagulls 1

from both the air,

Seagulls 2

and the ground. Like being in a Hitchcock movie.

Seagulls 3

Leaving the beach, we drove over to Fort Stevens itself to check out the fortifications there.

What we didn’t know until I was doing research for this blog, was that the Battery , and to a lesser extent, the Peter Iredale, are famous for another reason.

Fort Stevens was the location of the only attack on a U.S. mainland military installation during WWII. On the night of June 21, 1942 a Japanese sub, the I-25, surfaced off the coast of Oregon and fired a number of shells from its deck gun into the fort, causing only slight damage and no casualties.

One of the shells, arcing over the remains of the Ireland, landed near the Battery and left this crater. Who knew?


Coming home, we did see this garage decorated with a very colorful fishing net float collection. And when we drove by, the guy was out there adding a new one. Now that’s a hobby.

Garage Floats

Arriving back into Astoria, we made a run by the bank, and then it was on to the Golden Luck Chinese Restaurant for the second time. And if anything, it was even better than last time. Really, really good food.

Getting back to the park area, we stopped in a the Shell station for the obligatory cappuccino, then after a stop by the park office to see if my package was in, (It was, but it was locked in the Manager’s office), we were home for the night.

Tomorrow will be a rest up and get ready to travel day, since we leave for Bremerton, WA on Friday morning.

Gillette, WY Escapade

June 29, 2013

Home at the Cam-Plex . . .

Since we wanted to be sure to be at the Gillette Cam-Plex by 2pm, I was up at 6am to start getting us ready to roll by 8am. If we get there after 2 then we won’t get parked until Sunday morning.

I woke up my Sleeping Beauty at 6:30, and after coffee and breakfast sandwiches, we were ready to pull out a little before 8, but then had a problem. The slide did not want to pull in. It would start up, move in two or three inches, and then stall. We then tried going out and in several times while I was pulling on it at the same time with no luck.

Then, although I done it a few months ago, I once again sprayed the slide rails with silicone lube, and while Jan hit the ‘In’ button, I pushed from the outside. The slide once again moved in a couple of inches, and when it stopped, I gave a big shove. The slide hesitated a bit and then started moving in with no problems. It seemed like something may have been on the track, and once it was cleared, it was all OK.

We pulled out of the park a couple of minutes after 8am with Jan following in the truck, and first headed down to the Sam’s Club to top off the diesel tank. A couple of days ago diesel there was $3.71. Today, just my luck, it was up to $3.75. Bummer. Of course, at 71 gallons, it’s only $2.84.

But it’s the principle of the thing.

While I was topping off, I added a quart of Diesel Kleen, something that was recommended to me by several truck drivers while we were gate guarding.

After fueling up, I pulled over to the side and Jan parked behind me so I could hook up the toad. I was happy to see that my somewhat-temporary solution to my towing lights problem seemed to be working fine.

I ended up wiring the taillights and the turn signals straight through, without any taillight converter, and they worked fine that way. As far as the brakes lights, I just upped the sensitivity on my Brake Buddy and let it provide the brake light function.

This should hold things until I can design and build my own converter.

We pulled out of the Sam’s parking lot and hit the road about 8:45 for 240 mile trip to Gillette, WY. The trip was smooth, with the only problem was a total of about 50 miles of one-lane construction zones. But with the very light traffic, and the fact that, though reduced, the speed limit stayed high enough that we weren’t slowed down all that much.

We pulled into the Cam-Plex about 1:30 and were quickly directed to our parking area.. In fact we’re parked right across the row from where we were parked in June 2010 when were were here for the American Coach Rally.

Life is good.

About 4:30 we headed out for dinner at Old Chicago Pizza which turned out to be very, very good. Jan and I both had salads and personal pizzas. All really good. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to go back before we leave.

Getting back to the rigs, we put our chairs outside, and along with Mister to protect us from marauding dogs, sat around for a while talking with our neighbors.

Tomorrow the vendor area opens at 9am and Jan wants to sign up for some of the craft classes so we’ll be there early.

Windshield Replacement in Elkhart, IN

June 29, 2014

Cabin Fever . . .

Jan and I headed out to breakfast at Bob Evans this morning about 10:30. It was either that, or take her down with a tranquilizer dart. And Mister too.

Both of them are getting severe cabin fever stuck here in this EconoLodge motel room. As far as me, I have my laptop, my Kindle, and my phone, so I’m fine.

But our breakfast was good. In fact we’ve never had a bad meal at Bob Evans.

About the time Jan was bouncing off the walls again, a little after 2pm, we headed over to Mishawaka for some shopping, finally ending up at Golden Corral for dinner about 5pm.

This is our third visit there and every one has been great. We’re going to miss it when we leave the area.

On the Landon front, he has his own version of the shish kabob. His is made from marshmallows and strawberries. Actually it looks pretty good.


Chris sent over a better photo of his new Yamaha 1900 bike. He and a bunch of other retired firefighters are planning a trip out west later this year, and he’s really looking forward to it.

Yamaha 1900

Tomorrow morning we’ll have the continental breakfast here at the motel, then I’ll head down to Coach Supply around 8amto see how things are going to work out with our windshield gasket. I’m also going to call American Coach down in Decatur, IN to confirm that they do have a gasket in stock and how much it is.

I want something decided by 11 or so, in case we need a gasket from American Coach. Either way, I’m afraid we’re probably looking at another night here in Cabin Fever hell.

Verde Valley and Sedona

June 29, 2015

Trains and Cranes . . .

First off, we want to wish our daughter-in-law Linda a very Happy Birthday, Looking forward to seeing y’all in a couple of months.

About 1pm I drove over to the park office and extended our stay until Monday, the 6th so we won’t be traveling on the 4th of July weekend. And by the time we leave here Monday morning, the high is supposed to only be in the double digits, the very high double digits, but double digits, nevertheless,

One thing we learned to do here, or at least Jan has learned, is to unlock the rig door before the sun starts hitting it in the early afternoon. Otherwise the door expands, and it’s very, very hard to get it unlocked and open.

About 3pm I called the Wyoming Division Model Railroad over in Cornville, AZ to schedule a visit for tomorrow afternoon.

Wyoming Division RR 1

Modeling the entire Union Pacific route from Cheyenne, WY to Ogden, UT, it has over 45,000 feet of HO gauge track. That’s almost 9 miles.

Wyoming Division RR 2

You can read a newspaper article about it here.


Afterwards we may drive on over to Sedona for a look around. We visited here several years ago, so it’ll be nice to see it again.

About 4pm we drove into to have dinner at Hog Wild BBQ, a great favorite local place of ours, with really good ribs and pulled pork.

As usual I got the big Sampler Platter, of which I only end up eating about a third.

Hog Wild Sampler

Then the rest of it comes home as a later meal for both of us.

And all you have to do is park in the lot,

Hog Wild Smoker

and the great smells from the smoker just overwhelm you.

I’m kind of tempted to just hitch it up to the truck and take it home.

Ever try to win a prize for a child or grandchild on one of those crane or claw machines and wondered why it’s so dang hard to win something.

Crane Machine

That’s because it’s programmed that way, and and in more ways than you think.

Claw Machines Are Rigged

BlackTie Crane Manual

Ever grab a prize and start moving it to the opening,and then have the claw open slightly and drop the prize? That’s because it’s set to do that.

Actually the machine can be programmed directly for a wanted profit level. For example if it’s set for 50% profit level, the machine will only operate at full strength and work correctly 1 out of every 23 times

Or you can just let your grandchild climb inside and get his own prize like this.

Kid in Crane Machine

I’m sure Landon would give it a try.

Sealy, TX

June 29, 2016

A Close Call . . .

Or Thank Goodness For Whipping Cream.

Around 4pm Jan and I headed out for Sealy, about 30 miles back east on I-10. We wanted to get some stuff at Wal-Mart, and the one in Sealy is a full SuperCenter, and not a mini SuperCenter like the one in La Grange. And the one in Sealy is only about 4 miles further away.

But first we had planned on eating at the Whataburger, but ended up at the Hinze’s BBQ right next door.

Hinze's 1

We haven’t eaten at a Hinze’s in years, and never at this one. But we used to eat at one near Katy when we would visit Brandi the first time she lived in the Katy area. But then it closed, so that was it.

Hinze's 2

Jan had a Sliced Brisket Sandwich with Fried Okra and French Fries, while I had the 2 Meat Plate with Sliced Brisket and Ribs, and Bacon & Onion Potatoes and Green Beans.

Hinze's 3

Everything was good, especially the Potatoes and Green Beans. The BBQ was pretty good, but not Rudy’s or Peter’s good. But good.

Leaving Hinze’s, we headed right across the street to the Wal-Mart for a few things, before gassing up and heading back home to the rig. Then getting back home and unloading the groceries, it happened.

As I was bringing in a couple of bags, Miss Karma got loose by jumping out  the little sliding window in the screen door. She hit the ground and then froze, looking around with eyes the size of quarters. But before I could get to her, she turned and ran under the rig.

I called to her a couple of times, and she would stick her head out for a minute and then retreat. And the next time I looked under the rig, she had disappeared. But as I figured she had just jumped up on the front axle to hide.

So I asked Jan to to hand out the secret weapon from the fridge.

Reddi Whip2

Karma has been crazy for Whipping Cream since the first time she tasted some. In fact, I can even make the “squaawk!” sound and she will come running. So I got down at the front of the rig and squirted some out on the gravel.

But as Karma started to creep forward to the cream, a guy came by walking two small, loudly barking dogs. Karma immediately freaked and ran back under the rig.

So I started all over again, coaxing her out again. But just about then the guy came back by with the #%#$ dogs.

But finally after about 15 minutes I lured her out far enough to grab her and get her back inside the rig.

Glad that’s over.

Brandi and Lowell have introduced us to a new drink. It’s called Jin+Ja and it’s delicious. And very spicy.

Jin Ja

It’s made from Fresh Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea, Lemon & Mint. It’s supposed to be good for your digestion and metabolism. We haven’t been taking it for that long, so we can’t answer to how good it is for you, but it is tasty.

And with the fresh ginger, and the cayenne pepper, especially the cayenne, it packs a real kick. But it’s very refreshing at the same time.

It’s available on line, and in some stores. Check it out.

More Photoshop Fun

June 29, 2017

The Gang’s All Here . . .

Jan and I headed into Katy once again this afternoon, about 12:15, but with a first stop at the Park Office.

I realize this morning that since we hadn’t left the park after we got here on Sunday, I hadn’t paid my $3/day 50amp fee yet, so I stopped off to take care of that.

We got Brandi’s just as Lowell arrived with Curtis, Tana, and Gwen, after picking them up at the airport. They had flown in this morning from Orlando after doing the theme park thing there. So we finally had the whole crew in one place.

Early in the afternoon we surprised our daughter-in-law Linda with a birthday cake.

Happy Birthday To Linda

Then everyone ended up in small groups scattered around.

Jim Tana Lauren Annisten

Piper Linda Debbie

It was really funny listening to Jan, who did medical records coding for 35+ years, Miss Piper, who’s now doing psych facility coding, and Curtis, who’s also in the medical field, throwing medical codes back and forth.

Jan Piper Curtis

Chris brought all his gumbo paraphernalia with him today and started working on a big batch of Seafood and Andouille Sausage Gumbo for dinner. Really made the house smell good, and the gumbo was even better.

Chris Gumbo 2

Jan and Brandi made up garlic bread to go with, the perfect addition.

Chris Gumbo 1

Then it was cleanup time with a lot of helping hands.

Reunion Cleanup

Later in the afternoon I was finally able to get everyone (except me and Jim who were both taking the photos) somewhat lined up so I could get a group shot for posterity.

This is the first shot.

Family Group Shot 468

But 3 people are missing from this shot.

Annisten was taking a nap, so I took a photo perched on the sofa arm a little later.

Annisten Shot 2

Putting the two photos together gave me this.

Family Group Shot with Annisten 2

Then I put Jim and I into the photo, giving me this finished shot.

Family Group Shot - New Finished 468

top left to right: Our son Chris, his wife Linda, me,  Jan, our son-in-law Lowell, our daughter Brandi, Jim, Debbie’s husband, Jan’s sister Debbie, Debbie’s daughter-in-law Laura, Laura’s husband Jason, Debbie’s daughter Tana, and her fiancé Curtis.

bottom left to right: Tana’s daughter Gwen, Laura’s daughter Avery Jane, Miss Piper, Landon, Laura’s daughter Ella, Debbie’s daughter Christina, and Laura’s daughter Annisten. And of course, Baxter the dog. I think I got them all.

That’s a motley crew if I ever saw one.

Jan and I finally headed back to the rig about 7:30, and after a quick stop at the Brookshire Bros. in Columbus, we were back at the rig by 8:45 after another fun day.

Tomorrow we get a day off, since most of the bunch are going over to San Antonio for the day. As far as Jan and I, Been There, Done That. Several Times.

But Saturday it all starts back up again with a cookout. Then Sunday we’re going down to Sugarland to watch Landon play Ice Hockey.

Wrapping up, I had been worried about the status of my Arizona CCW permit. I mailed it off from Apache Junction April 12th to an address right down the road in Phoenix. So now at the 2-1/2 month mark I was starting to get antsy.

Every time we would talk to Brandi I’d ask if they’d gotten anything for me from Arizona. And always, NOPE.

And I was sure that I had ask for my CCW permit to be sent to Brandi’s, but I was wrong. This evening, when I went through our mail that had come to our son Chris’ I found the letter with my permit. enclosed. And it was dated May 2nd. When means it got sent back out one day less than 3 weeks after I sent it in.

Fast service.

Gun Fun in Illinois

June 29, 2018

A Photo Finish . . .

I was up early this morning and back on the phone with Onan Tech Support. I guess they only have one guy because I talk with the same person every time.

But I finally got through to him and gave him the results of the fuel flow test. He then asked If I had checked the governor actuator connections. He said it was the next most likely cause of my problem.

So since our schedule today was pretty full with family stuff, tomorrow morning I’ll take the top panel off and hopefully discover a loose connection or two on the controller box. If not, we’ll just have to tough it out during our 400 mile trip to Athens, AL on Sunday.. Then I can get back on it Monday.

Once thing fun about visiting up here is that there’s always some shooting going on. Jim and Debbie have 15 acres with plenty of room for a shooting range.

Lowell got to try out his new XDS .45 for the first time.

Lowell Shooting 1

He said he really like the way it felt.

Curtis brought several of his guns, including this AK-47 semi-auto.

Curtis Shooting AK-47

I’ve been so busy working on the genset that I forgot to bring anything except my Ruger LCP .380 semi-auto. Curtis gave me some .380 target ammo so I didn’t have to shoot my expensive Cor-Bon’s, so I ran about 3 mags of his cheaper stuff  through it.

25 yards is kind of long for this small pistol, but after I got the range I did OK. My biggest problem was my eyes, or at least my glasses I wear glasses for my distance vision, and then take them off for close-up work, I.e. reading, computer, etc.

So if I wore my glasses, the target was clear, but the sights, such as they are, were pretty useless. And with my glassed off, the sights were sharp and clear, but the target was fuzzy.

But after some trial and error (some of the wild shots) I decided that I did better with my glasses off, looking through sharply focused sights at a big fuzzy orange ball. And once I got the sight picture locked in – sights over here, big orange fuzzy ball over there.- I did pretty good.

Shooting Target

Not bad for 25 yards with a pocket pistol. Every shot was on the paper.

We’re shooting again tomorrow so I’ll bring some bigger stuff.

After a delicious dinner or Crock Pot Pizza Casserole, Lasagna, and Salad, we all dressed up and headed outside for the picture taking, They had hired a professional photographer to come out and do a group photo and then individual family photos.

Family Photo Shoot 1

Here’s Brandi, Lowell, and Landon.

Family Photo Brandi

And here’s Jan’s sister Debbie and her family.

Family Photo Debbie

Tomorrow I’ll take another shot at fixing the generator, and then about noon we’ll head over to Debbie’s once again for a big BBQ feast with even more family.

And more guns, too.

Waco, TX

June 29, 2019

Magnolia Table and More . . .

Catching Up On Friday.

After our great time getting together with our long-time friends Bill and Carol Alverson, and meeting Bill’s cousin June for the first time, on Thursday, Friday was our day to check out Waco’s other big attraction, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table and the Silos.

We had decided to go ahead and brave the long lines that everyone had warned us about, and have breakfast at the Magnolia Table, which as it turned out was right across the street from the Comfort Inn where we spent the night.

Magnolia Table 1

We had been warned by a number of people that we might have to wait for as long as 2 hours to get a table, but we figured we get there about 9 and wait it out.

Magnolia Table 2

So we figured that we must be living right when we were told it would only be about a 45 minute wait. So we were really surprised, and happy, when we got called for our table before we hardly had time to set down in the waiting area.

It was a whole 12 minutes! And the food was so good it would have been worth the 2 hour wait anyway.

When we signed we had said we were fine sitting at one of the communal tables, but ended up with a two-top all to ourselves.

Magnolia Dining Room

We started off trying some of the things friends had recommended, like the Lemon Lavender Donut Holes,

Magnolia Table Lemon Lavender Donut Holes

and the Biscuits with Strawberry Butter.

Magnolia Table Biscuits with Strawberry Butter

Both really delicious!

Then Jan got her fave, Avocado Toast,

Magnolia Table Avocado Toast

while I got a favorite of mine, a BLT, made with thick-sliced Maple Sugar Smoked Bacon.

Magnolia Table BLT

One of the best BLT’s I’ve ever had.

And here’s my sweetie, showing off her new You Are My Sunshine cat shirt.

Magnolia Table Jan

Then since I didn’t feel like braving the crowds, I dropped Jan off at the Silos, the other part of the Gaines empire, while I made a WalMart run. And once again the long lines we’d been warned against didn’t materialize.

Jan said there was about a 20 wait to get into the bakery, but it moved fast and Jan came out with some delicious goodies.

At this point, after connecting up with our son, Chris, we headed down toward Kingsland, with plans to meet Chris, Linda, and Piper, in Kempner at the Brick Oven, a really good German place.

Brick Oven Group

And like last time Jan got her favorite Jaeger Schnitzel,

Brick Oven Jaegar Schnitzel

while I also repeated with my usual Sausage Plate.

Brick Oven Sausage Plate

We also had a nice time talking with the owner, Hanzi, who is from Germany, about her recipes.

Finishing up, Chris, et. al, headed back home in Kingsland, while Jan and I drove on into Marble Falls to check in to our room at the Motel 6, before we joined them for a while.

Tomorrow I’ll catch with the rest of our trip, and work on the next installment of our recent trip, Cologne, Germany.

More Gator’s and Sous Vide

June 29, 2021

Maybe Tomorrow . . .

With on and off drizzling, we decided not sit outside with our coffee. Maybe tomorrow.

And it was still drizzling when we headed out about 1pm for lunch once again at Gator’s Bar & Grill.

Jan wanted to get the Redfish once again, but they were out. So she went with the Grilled Chicken Breast once again, while I got my favorite Blackened Chicken Breast Sandwich with Bacon and Texas Toothpicks.

Gator's Blackened Chicken Sandwich 20210629

It’s obvious why Gator’s has been become our new favorite place.

After that we made a stop up at the office in Clear Lake to pick up a bunch of Amazon stuff that had come in, and then it was on over to WalMart for a few things, including some baby back ribs.

Rather than Ribeye Steaks, we decided that the inaugural use of our Inkbird Immersion Cooker will be Baby Back Ribs for the 4th of July weekend, probably Monday, since most of the recipes call for a 24 hour cooking time.

Based on online recommendations we’ll be doing the cooking in a Styrofoam cooler with a lid which should help hold the heat in and reduce the need to add water along the way.

Inkbird Sous Vide

So, expecting a run on Ribs for this weekend, I decided to pick some up today at WalMart while we were there. And I’m glad I did.

The long cooler advertising Ribs was empty except for a brand-new stock of Smithfield Extra Meaty Baby Back Ribs and already vacuum sealed. So two slabs went home with us. But I may open them and use a dry rub depending on which online recipe I used.

Thought it’s been overcast and raining the last couple of days, when the sun is shining I’ve been impressed by how well the solar-powered fountain in Jan’s Flamingo Birdbath works. You just drop it in any container of water and off it goes.

Thought for the Day:

The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin. — Mark Twain