Daily Archives: June 3, 2009

Last Day in Titusville…

Today was our last full day in Titusville.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head about 100 miles north to St. Augustine, spending 3-4 days there.  Then it’s on to Savannah, GA.

Today we went to lunch at the New Peking Buffet with our new friends, Allen and Jan.  After that, Allen and I worked on my engine AC belt problem.

I’m going to try leaving the engine AC off on the trip to St. Augustine tomorrow to see if the belt stays on when it is not powering the AC.  I may do this for the trip to Savannah too.

We will still have AC on the trip.  I just start up the diesel generator before we leave and run the two rooftop ACs just like we were plugged in.  The generator only uses about a gallon an hour so it’s not a big additional cost.

Luckily, the fix I did to the rear rooftop AC a couple of days ago is still working fine.

Well, I almost washed Mister again in the clothes washer. I don’t know what he sees in it, but every time I turn my back with the washer door open, in he goes.

Mister in Washer...Again

Mister in Washer...Again

We’ve been getting a number of comments about our Roller Coaster picture being spread across the Internet, as I mentioned yesterday. I guess this is our 15 minutes of fame.

More from St. Augustine tomorrow…