Daily Archives: June 30, 2009

An Official Goof Off Day…

We decided to make today an official Goof-Off day.

We went out for breakfast about 9:30 am at the Astronomical Pancake & Waffle House.  And when they say ‘Astronomical’ they mean it.

Jan got an order of pancakes that consisted of two pancakes more than a foot in diameter, with blueberries the size of small marbles.  They hung way over the side of the plate.

On the way back to the coach we stopped and got gas.  And that was it for the day.

The rest of the time we worked on stuff around here.  Jan hemmed some new pants for me and then did some other sewing chores.  I worked on several small things around the coach that needed fixing.

For supper we heated up the El Pollo Loco takeout we bought home with us while we were in Virginia Beach.  Delicious as always!