Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

Rainy Days and Coconut Macaroons…

Just what we needed.

Rain and more rain.

But before the rains came, I got up this morning to set up the satellite. But without much luck.  I was using my workstand again since the picnic table wasn’t in the right position.

Satellite Stand

Satellite Stand

Try as I might,  I couldn’t get a signal.  It didn’t make sense.  I had a clear view of the southern sky,  but I just couldn’t lock on to the satellite.

I began to wonder if I was having a cable problem since there was a short-term problem that I thought might be a bad cable a few days ago in Titusville. 

So after I moved the dish all around trying to get a signal,  I just left it sitting there planning to get a new cable at lunch.

We headed out for lunch at Nana’s, a small family restaurant that we saw advertised in one of the tourist maps.  And it was a real find!   Really good food!

And great baked goods.  We ended up buying lemon and orange scones, and wonderful coconut macaroons.  We bought 6 macaroons, but somehow I only ended up with 2. 

Funny how that worked out!

After lunch we drove over to the local Camping World to pick up some ‘stuff’.   Jan wanted a new bag chair with higher back and I needed some parts for the taillight hookup.

Here’s what Jan ended up with.  It’s really comfortable

Jans Bag Chair

Jans Bag Chair

After leaving Camping World, we stopped off next door at Gander Mountain.  Gander Mountain is a full-line sporting goods / outdoors store like Bass Pro Shops or Cabella’s.  We had never been to one so we wanted to check it out. 

In particular, I was looking for ammunition.  But no luck.  No 9mm,  no .30,  no .380,  and no .25.   In other words, nothing that I needed.  Oh, well.

And of course, next we had to head to Walmart for even more ‘stuff’,  including a new satellite cable.

When we got back to the coach, the first thing I noticed was that the power had gone off and then come back on.  The second thing I noticed was that the satellite was now working!

The only thing I can figure out is the satellite receiver was stuck in ‘dork’ mode (That’s a technical term) and the power going off and coming back on fixed the problem.  But the real luck was that I had apparently left the dish pointing in exactly the right direction.

Who knew?

And, right on schedule, as soon as we got back to the coach, the bottom dropped out in the rain department.

Lucked out again!