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Runaway trucks and The Biltmore, one last time…

We left Asheville about 10 am this morning heading about 210 miles east to Graham, NC to visit my cousin and her family.

Jan started panicking early because this was the same route we had take to Grandfather Mountain and she was worried about a fairly steep grade that we had to go down, or at least, fairly steep for around here.

It was a 6% grade and had 3 runaway truck ramps along the downgrade, but I kept it slow and used the exhaust brake to keep our speed under 45 mph.

We had done 10% grades in Canada so I knew we wouldn’t have any problems here. 

But Jan has to have something to worry about.  If she doesn’t have anything to worry about, she worries about that.

We got into Graham about 2 pm and park the coach at a local WalMart, so we could unhook the toad and drive it out to my cousin’s house.

They wanted us to park at their house and I wanted to check it out the driveway first.  I’m glad I did it that way because I found out I didn’t know where her house was.

I had the address, but I found out later that there had been some street name changes and her place was now hard to find.  Even UPS had problems.

But some cell phone directions got us there, and after checking out the driveway and talking for a while,  Jan and I went back to get the coach, which was about 6 miles away.

We weren’t going to hook the toad back up. Jan would just follow me in it.

I had a little problem getting into the driveway because a guy was trying to pass me on the left as I was trying to swing wide left to turn right into the driveway.

I dropped the outside right dual rear wheel into the ditch which made the coach lean over, but I powered it on thru with no problems.

Jan, of course, just knew the coach was going to turn over when she saw it happen.  But then, that gave her something new to worry about for a few minutes, so it all worked out.

We’re plugged into their garage for power and using our internal tanks for drinking water and waste water.  So we’re doing just fine.

I finally got around to scanning the picture we had take at the Biltmore, so here it is.

Jan And Greg At The Biltmore

Jan And Greg At The Biltmore

More tomorrow…