Daily Archives: June 6, 2009

Flea Markets & Flamingos…

We decided to have lunch at Oasis Restaurant over on St. Augustine Beach.

On our way there we just ‘happened’ to pass Nana’s and just ‘happened’ to stop to buy more coconut macaroons. 

Quite a coincidence, huh?

After a very good lunch at Oasis, we headed back to the coach, stopping off a fruit stand looking for fresh peaches, but no luck.

Getting back to the RV park we went next door to the large Flea Market that is adjacent to the park. In fact it is owned by the same people that own the park.

Found some new ‘S” hook hangers, a flamingo knick-knack, and best of all,  a spare Direct TV satellite w/remote for only $5.  The remote itself was more than worth the $5.  A new one costs $20 at Walmart. 

And now I’ve got a backup receiver, or maybe a 2nd receiver for Jan to use on the bedroom TV, so she can watch a different channel from the one I’m watching on the front TV.

For supper, we headed out without a real destination in mind. 

I wanted to go by a Radio Shack to get some diodes for my new taillight setup, and then we thought we’d just see what we found.

And what we found was the New Century Chinese Buffet.  According to their door, they’ve won a lot of awards for their food.  And it was pretty good.

But not as good as the New Peking Buffet in Titusville earlier in the week.

And so it goes…