Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

Bored ! Bored ! Bored !

First off, Jan is on schedule to check off another item on her bucket list.

She really likes Bonnie Hunt of “The Bonnie Hunt Show”. Well, this morning Jan got a call from the show saying that our tickets have been approved for April 20th for the 2 pm show.

And this means we now when and where we’re going next. We’ll leave Las Vegas Saturday and drive to Barstow to spend the night. Then on Sunday we’ll head over to Lancaster, CA. We’ll probably stay there until right after the 20th before we head north toward San Francisco.

In looking back over my recent posts Jan and I realized how boring our life is when Nick and Terry aren’t around. Hopefully we can find some ways to amuse ourselves between now and August when we see them again in Elkhart, IN.

Complete change of subject:

Yesterday driving down the Strip we saw this new billboard and it just illustrates the difference between men and women.

Jan looks at the the sign and goes “Ahhhhh. Look at the cute puppy”. I looked at the sign and thought “Mmmmmm. Bacon!”

Then both of us wanted to go get a steak.

After eating in for lunch, we ate supper right down the road at the Coco’s Bakery & Restaurant located in the Boulder Station Casino.

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Las Vegas so we have to get started getting things ready.