Daily Archives: April 22, 2010

Shopping Day…

Today was the first day in a while we weren’t on the go, so we slept late and took it easy.

About 10:30 I went over to the office to extend our stay here another 4 days. So now we’ll be leaving on Monday morning. Maybe.

Coming back, I made coffee and we had one of the muffins we brought home from Marie Callenders. Then at 11 am we watched ourselves on The Bonnie Hunt Show while Jan tried to catch up on her journal, but Mister wasn’t much help. He’s never met a horizontal surface he didn’t like.

Mister on Table

About noon we headed out for the lunch buffet at Shakey;s Pizza.

Leaving the RV park, we noticed a LOT of new snow on the mountains just west of here in the Los Padres National Forest.  It was 37 degrees and raining here last night. Looks like it was colder and snowing in the mountains last night.  Here it is almost May and it’s still snowing in California.  Isn’t Global Warming wonderful!  (You can click the picture to enlarge it.)

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After stopping for gas, we headed over to Costco. It was only our 2nd time at one since we became members in Tucson. I guess you could say it’s like Sam’s Club, but different.

Next we stopped off at Albertson’s to get some things that Costco didn’t have, or had too much of. I mean, we didn’t need 5 lbs of strawberries. A pound would be fine.

We got home about 3pm, just in time for a nap.

Yesterday, coming back from LA we stopped off at a viewing area along the freeway that looks out over Lake Palmdale and the California Aqueduct. It’s really a nice view.

That’s the Aqueduct in the foreground. (You can click the pictures to enlarge them.)

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Tomorrow we’re going to drive back into LA, eat lunch at Esther’s Taco House, visit Olvera Street, one of the oldest areas in LA, dating from the 1870’s, and then drive Mulholland Dr. thru the Santa Monica Mountains, above Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

More then…