Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

High Winds and Cat Barf…

We left Barstow Calico KOA about 10:45 am heading toward Lancaster, CA.

It’s only about a 100 mile trip so we didn’t have to get an early start, but the trip had a little more adventure than usual.

Adventure #1 Cat Barf!

Although the road wasn’t curvy or roller coastery (Is that a word? If not, it should be.) , Emma got sick again, just like she did coming up from Yuma, AZ to Laughlin, NV.

But on that trip the road was roller coastery (See I told you it should be a word) as we went up and down because the highway went thru all the dry washes along the way.

But this time it was probably connected with –

Adventure #2: The Wind.

The wind we encountered along SR58 coming from Barstow was the worse since we were coming into Dawson Creek, BC, Canada in April 2008 on our way to Fairbanks, AK. On that trip, we ran into 60-70 mph winds that came close to blowing us off the highway several times. We even had a problem with our large awning starting to unfurl along the side of the coach.

My first thought was to pull over, but there was no place to pull over. The roads in this part of Canada are narrow two-landed, with no shoulders. So we just had to press on… slowly.

We found out later that the road had been close right after we came thru, after two 18 wheelers had been blown off the road. We ended up staying in Dawson Creek for three days due to the bad weather and low temps. It was in the mid-teens while we were there.

Anyway, I think the weaving back and forth due to the winds today got to Emma. But lucky for me, Emma was sitting in Jan’s lap, not mine.

we arrived at Antelope Valley Fairgrounds RV Park about 1:15 pm and got set up. There was no one at the office, but the sign said to just pick a site and check in with the office later.

Then it was off to have lunch. Our GPS said there was a Shakey’s Pizza nearby so we headed over there. We found the building but it was now something else, that had also gone out of business.

But on the way we passed a place called Crazy Otto’s that looked good, so we headed back there. We both had the soup and sandwich combo, a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and half a chicken salad sandwich. Both were delicious, and the half sandwich was so thick that I ate mine with a fork. It was too big to hold.

Coming back we saw the office was open so I went in and paid up for a week.

Then it was time for a nap.

About 6 pm we headed out for dinner. After checking their website, we found a  Shakey’s Pizza over in Palmdale, about 10 miles away.

Shakey’s was a pizza place my family and I ate at on our big Western trip in the summer of 1964. It was near Disneyland where we were staying, and we thought the pizza, chicken, and fried potatoes were really good. Back then it was kind of a Vaudeville theme with a straw-hatted piano player doing sing-a-longs. They also had a spinning the pizza dough in the air and catching it.

It’s different now, but the food is still good.

More tomorrow…