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Park of the Sierras…

We left the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds about 9:30 am heading for the Park of the Sierras Escapees RV Park right outside Coarsegold, CA.

Our first leg was about 35 miles west on SR138 to hit I-5. That part of the trip went fine. Although the road was two lane, it was smooth and straight with no stoplights or stop signs, with just a few hills right before it joined I-5. And we were treated to more poppy fields along the way.


But it was a whole different story when we got on I-5 N. We immediately ran into a 5 mile long 6% downgrade. Normally that’s not a problem, but the road surface was awful. It was like driving thru a minefield and we had stuff falling everywhere.

In fact my laser printer was feeling so upset that it decided to “end it all” by leaping off the table to the floor below. In hindsight, it had been feeling depressed lately. The prognosis is unsure at this point.

But once we got to the bottom of the hill it was smooth sailing. And we had some more great scenery, including hillsides covered in purple flowers.


We stayed on I-5 until about 30 miles out of Bakersfield, when we got on SR99 heading toward Fresno.

99 turned out to be a really good road, four lane all the way to Fresno. Along the way we started seeing signs for Apple Annie’s Restaurant in Tulare, and thought we would check it out.  And we were in luck, as they had a large enough parking lot to accommodate us.

The food was good and we were on our way in about 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, it would have been better if we had been on our way in 35 minutes.

Coming into Fresno we split off onto SR41. SR41 is a good two lane road that got a little more hilly as we went along, but no real problems.

Until we got to the park.

We pulled in behind a 5th wheeler.and went in. And discovered that I been lied to.

I called the park earlier this week to see if they had an open site for us. They told me they had plenty of room and that I could make a reservation, but really didn’t need to.

And I believed them.

And then I found out that the 5th wheel in front of us had gotten the last site. They had had a lot of RV’s show up and there were was ‘no room at the inn” for us. If we had only spent 10 minutes less at lunch. Ah well.

They said they would have a site for us tomorrow and we could boondock in their dry camping area until then.

So here we are.



The park is really nice, with hills and trees, something we have not seen since February in Texas. Everything since then have basically been parking lots.

Here’s our most recent site in Lancaster..

AVRVPark 1


And here’s our site in Las Vegas.



And here’s our site in Laughlin.



And here’s our site in Tucson.


So hills and trees are nice…as long as they don’t block the satellite dish, of course.

Anyway, here’s some pictures of here.

Sierra 1

Sierra 2

Sierra 3

Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow yet. It depends on how early we can get into our full hookup site.

More later…