Daily Archives: April 25, 2010

Rested up and Ready to Travel…

Tomorrow morning we’ll head north about 230 miles to the Park of the Sierras Escapees RV park in Coarsegold, CA.

But today was a “get ready” day.

After going the Marie Callenders restaurant in Lancaster for lunch, we stopped off for gas and then went by WalMart for supplies.

Back home, I fixed a loose panel on the coach, checked the engine oil, added antifreeze, added water to the coach batteries and checked the tire pressures. And it looks like we’re ready to go tomorrow.

Last week I showed ya’ll some great poppy pictures. Now I want to give equal time to some great Texas bluebonnet pics.

Bluebonnet01 Bluebonnet02


The red flowers are Indian Paintbrushes, another Texas favorite. Bluebonnet03 Bluebonnet04 Bluebonnet05 Bluebonnet06 Bluebonnet07 Bluebonnet08

Take that, poppies!

More tomorrow from Park of the Sierras, at the edge of Yosemite National Park.