9 Years and Counting . . .

Today, February 6th, marks 9 years since Jan and I embarked on the wild and crazy life of Full-Time RV’ing. And it certainly has been a wild ride.

We’ve made a lot of great friends, and unfortunately lost a few along way. We’ve RV’d in every state, except Nebraska and Kansas (and Hawaii, of course). But we plan on taking care of NE and KS in the next few months.

We bought our American Eagle December 27th, 2007 from Roman Holiday Motorhomes on I-35 between New Braunfels and San Marcos. Mr. Roman bought up high-end coaches, checked them out, detailed them, and put them on his lot.

We had narrowed our choice down to the 1999 American Eagle and a 2000 Tiffin Zephyr, but finally went with the Eagle. It had about 65,000 miles on it, just about perfect for an 8 year old rig. Not too much, not too little.

We came back to pick it up January 6th after they had fixed a couple of things and put on new tires. We spent about three hours on the walk-thru going over every system with me watching and Jan taking notes.

As it turned out, our first RV trip was just to the Canyon Trail RV Park, about 8 miles up I-35. We figured we would stay there for a day or two going over the rig ourselves to be sure we understood everything, and could ask Roman Holiday about what we didn’t. But we didn’t find any problems so the next day we headed back to the Houston area.

We had already picked out Oasis RV Park down in La Marque to stay for a month or so until we headed out, so we left Canyon Trail about 10am for the 220 mile trip back to La Marque.

Although I had driven 36 foot U-Hauls before, and even a diesel tanker out at WSTF (White Sands Test Facility) during my NASA days, they weren’t MINE, so to avoid traffic I decided to take Hwy 6 down to Dickinson rather than the 610 Loop or Beltway 8. But this turned out to be not so good an idea.

I had never driven on the upper end of Hwy 6 where it turned out to be miles of stop and go traffic, only the end down towards toward Alvin where it’s more wide open. But we made it with no problems, with Jan was following me in the truck since we didn’t have a towing system set up yet.

We spent the next month getting ready to roll. I ordered a Blue Ox tow bar for the rig and a Blue Ox baseplate for the truck, and spent a couple of days installing the baseplate on our Dodge Dakota. I guess I did a good job because it hasn’t fallen off yet.

Finally, Wednesday, February 6th 2008, we headed for Fairbanks, AK. Well, not directly. But it was our ultimate goal. However our first stop was actually the Monterey’s Mexican Restaurant in Dickinson. It was a favorite of ours, and with their large parking lot, an easy stop. And a tradition that last the next 6 years, with us always stopping there for lunch on our way out of town for the year.

But in making the 9 mile trip from the park to Monterey’s, Jan almost decided to call it quits. The ride was extremely rough, much rougher than I remembered it being coming down from New Braunfels. And Jan said, “If it’s going to be this rough all the way to Alaska, I’m not going.”

So when we got parked at the restaurant, and before we went in, I put in a call to American Coach Tech Support.

When I told the young lady my problem, she kind of chuckled and asked me if I could see the top of the front tires in the wheel wells. When I told her I couldn’t, she said my airbags were turned off.

Now our Eagle has the optional switch that let’s me manually dump the airbags without having it done automagically when I lower the levelers. And I remember playing with it right after we got parked at Oasis.

So I went inside to look and told her that AIR RELEASE switch was in the OFF position. She then asked if the rocker switch was pushed in at the top or the bottom?

I told it was pushed in at the bottom, and she again chuckled and said that’s the OFF position. I then ask her why it says AIR RELEASE at the top of the switch, You would think that you would push the switch in at the top to ‘release’ the air.

She said, “Beats me. You’re not the first person to get it confused.”

Seems it would make more sense to have just labeled it AIRBAGS ON and OFF. But they didn’t asked me. They don’t seem to ask me about a lot of things, and I think the world is worse off for it.

Coming out from lunch I cranked up and the coach came right up on the airbags, and now I could now see the top of the front tires below the wheel wells.

So of course it was smooth sailing after that.

Well, not exactly.

But we did end up in Fairbanks, AK on April 26th, two and a half months later, only to have this two days later.

AK Snow

But more of our Year One adventures in tomorrow’s blog.

Thought for the Day:

Sad, But True.




9 Responses to 9 Years and Counting . . .

  1. bonnie rose says:

    love the year one adventures !  Keep the stories comin’.

  2. Brett says:

    Glad you found out about the airbags could’ve been a bumpy marriage ?????
    What a great adventure y’all had the first year
    Frankie and I just completed our first year on 1/9

  3. Jan says:

    Make sure you visit Hutchinson Kansas–space museum and the salt mine.  Do not miss the Araby Steamboat Museum in KC.  There’s so much to see in Nebraska we stayed a month and had to go back.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    You have had such an interesting life!!  And it continues!! Your chart on how things are looked at…so true, sadly. One grows so tired of it all…in fact, I look at news very little…worst of it seems to be that so many believe some of it…

  5. Charlee & Bill says:

    Love you guys!  Let me know when you plan to come back to Florida.  Would love to see you again.  Take care and have fun.  Loved Year 1 story..

    • gregwhite says:

      So great to hear from you. We will be going to Florida, probably early 2018. We’ll be there for several weeks, and you are most definitely on our list to visit. I’m enjoying keeping up with Monica in Facebook, and see you do a like or make a comment every now and then. I am pretty much just a lurker.
      Glad to see you read the blog. I think Greg doesn such a great job of it, with probably more info about what we are eating than you give a fig about. But we are foodies.

      More later….

  6. Candy Grace says:

    First of all congrats on 9 years!  As a Kansas native I can not believe criss-crossing the country you have never stayed.  The Flint Hills are a very pretty place to RV.  We have some unique places like Rock City, Minneapolis, The Big Well, Greensburg, Garden of Eden, Lucas, Abilene has the Eisenhower Museum and Old Cowboy Town, and Dodge City. I could go on people easily overlook Kansas.

    Off the subject, just received a letter that our RV insurer is no longer writing RV insurance.  Any suggestion on good RV insurer?  Really enjoy your blog.

    Thank you and happy travels

    • gregwhite says:


      It’s not that we’ve ‘overlooked’ Kansas (and Nebraska), it’s just we never seemed to come down the center of the US. We didn’t get to OK until last year, and it’s just the next state up.

      For RV insurance, we use C & C RV Insurance, and have for years. Our agents, Chris and Charles Yust, are full-time RV’ers themselves, and know the problems we face.

      They took great care of us after our blow-out in 2015. So give Chris a call.


  7. gregwhite says:

    Gina was one of the dear friends we loss.  She died of pancreatic cancer almost four years ago. What a remarkable person.  She was an EMT, a police office for a number of years, and then a fraud investigator for an insurance company.  Smart, told you like it was and a wonderful friend.  Her loss is one of several that makes me savor every day.


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