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Mamacita’s Meetup . . .

With it drizzling rain pretty much all day, that put a kibosh on any outside chores, so I spent most of the day going over our upcoming trip schedule.

I nailed down a few more parks, and made a few reservations,  An ‘*’ by the date means I have a reservation there. Many of these I won’t contact until a few days before.

*3/08 -Travel to Colorado River   Columbus, TX

*3/10 -Travel to Pecan Valley RV Park   Junction, TX

*3/11 -Travel to Saddleback Mtn. Park   Balmorhea, TX

*3/12 -Travel to Coachlight RV Park   Las Cruces, NM

*3/14 -Travel to Cochise Terrace Park   Benson, AZ

*3/18 -Travel to Voyager RV Park   Tucson, AZ

*3/25 -Travel to Santa Fe RV Park   Apache Junction, AZ

*4/08 -Travel to Las Vegas TT Park   Las Vegas, NV

*4/22 -Travel to Soledad Canyon TT   Acton, CA

*4/29 -Travel to Turtle Beach TT (?)   Manteca, CA

*4/30 -Travel to Friendly RV Park   Weed, CA

*5/02 -Travel to Bend/Sunriver TT   Bend, OR

*5/16 -Travel to ??   Hermiston, OR

*5/17 -Travel to Blackwell Island RV   Coeur d’ Alene, ID

*5/19 -Travel to Riverfront RV Park   Garrison, MT

*5/20 -Travel to Billings Trailer Village   Billings, MT

*5/22 -Travel to Gillette Cam-Plex   Gillette, WY

*5/23 -Travel to Elk Creek RV Park   Piedmont, SD

*5/30 -Travel to Belvidere KOA   Midland, SD

*6/01 -Travel to ??   North Platte, NE

*6/04 -Travel to ??  Salina, KS

*6/05 -Travel to ??  Pawhuska, OK

*6/08 -Travel to ??  Paul’s Valley, OK

*6/11 -Travel to ??  Waco, TX

*6/14 -Travel to Lake Conroe TT  Conroe, TX

*6/25 -Travel to Colorado River TT  Columbus, TX

A Total Distance of a little over 4400 miles.

We’re coming back here the end of June for a big family reunion. Then we’ll head back out for a couple of more months until the end of August when we’ll come back for Landon’s 7th birthday. After that it’s gate guarding time again.

In a follow-up to Moen’s excellent customer service, I got an email from them today, saying that my FREE part had been shipped.

And in a follow-up to iDrive’s sucky customer service, I still have not heard back from them answering my questions about any actual activity on the account.

Yesterday I was able to repair the socket that holds the AC Blower Resistor Pak for our Dodge Dakota.

A while back a high resistance in the socket burned the common pin off the plug and damaged the socket itself.

AC Blower Speed Control = Burnt

Since then we only had the high speed on the blower because I used a paper clip to bypass the resistor pak.

AC Blower Resister Pak 4

But I was able to repair the socket and install a new resistor pak.

AC Blower Resister Pak 0

So now we have all 4 speeds again.

About 3:45 Jan and I headed down to the Clear Lake area once again for Jan’s yearly get-together with five of her former Medical Records coworkers. They all have done this every year since we started RV’ing in 2008, and Jan looks forward to it for months.

Jan had me come by the meeting place, Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant, in Webster to get a  picture of the group.

Jan's Coworker Get-together

I didn’t have any trouble finding the group. I just asked at the front desk where the rowdiest bunch was seated and they pointed me in the right direction.

Jan’s already looking forward to next year’s meet.

Thought for the Day:

“The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.” ― George F. Will