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Missed It By That Much . . .

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Today was my first day to sleep in a bit, but I still was up at 10 because I had a lot of chores to work through on my list. After coffee,  I took care of some inside stuff before heading outside to see if I was going to able to change out the fuel filters myself.

As I mentioned yesterday, I changed this filter myself back in 2009 when we were up in Vermont. You can read about it here.






But as I also mentioned yesterday, I did that on 2009 knees.

The coarse filter is easy to get to at the rear of the coach.

FS 1242 Location

However the one I really need to change out is an entirely different story.

FS1022 Location 1

It’s just inside the frame rail and blocked by the exhaust pipe.

FS1022 Location 2

It wouldn’t be a problem if it were not for the pipe, but as it is I have to crawl underneath and then try to come up between the frame rail and the pipe. Well, after crawling under there I quickly discovered that my 2017 knees won’t do this anymore. I almost made it, but not quite.

In a emergency I could probably do it if I put the rig all the way up on the rear levelers, but then I’d have to waif for the exhaust pipe to cool down. But it’s not worth doing this with the RV Mobile Lube guy coming tomorrow morning.

Here’s the blog of my last RV Mobile Lube service in 2015.


While I was out and about this afternoon taking care of some prescriptions, I got a call from Maria at Guard 1 wanting to know if we were available for gate guarding. When I told her we had just come off a gate and wouldn’t be available again until the end of August, she quickly asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to gate guard.

So if you’re looking for a gate, call Maria at (713) 337-4300. I guess this is reflected in the US rig count we saw this past week, which was up 25 rigs just in the last two weeks.

Thought for the Day:

“If it’s a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents worth, then someone, somewhere is making a penny.” ― Steven Wright