Daily Archives: March 25, 2017

10 Miles of Rubbernecking . . .

We were out of our site at Voyager RV Resort and on the road about 8:45 this morning, with our first stop at the Valero on Kolb about 3 miles away.

We had scouted this station out yesterday, and luckily no one was using the outside diesel pump where I wanted to fill up.

Diesel At Valero

I parked at an angle to make it easier to pull out straight head when we were done. Although the clerk said there was no cut-off amount, he was wrong. The pump stopped at $100, so it took me 3 tries to get filled up, a total of 122 gallons. This took us 1021 miles for a little over 8.3 mpg. Not Bad.

And of course leaving us 28 gallons, or a little over 200 miles left as a buffer.

After hitching up on the side of the parking lot, we were back on the road about 9:30 with our next stop the Bowlin’s Picacho Peak Plaza and Gift Shop about 50 miles up I-10.

Picacho Peak

Now Jan is a connoisseur of gift shops and this one is one of her favorites, a must-stop whenever we pass this way. She normally finds something in the jewelry section that catches her eye,  but this time was an aberration, in that we left without her finding anything.

A first.

Back on the road, we made good time until we were about 30 miles from Phoenix when traffic ground to a halt. Finally starting up again it was stop and go for the next 10 miles, taking us about 45 minutes.

Finally we passed a semi-trailer wreck on the other side of the freeway, not even blocking the traffic on our side. But along the way we did see 3 rear-ending wrecks on our side caused by the stop and go traffic.

So it was just 10 miles of rubbernecking on our side for no good reason.

We unhitched the toad on a pullout about a mile from the Santa Fe RV Park where we’ll be staying for the next two weeks under Passport America. When we got to the park and checked in, I already had two Amazon packages waiting for me. Nice.

After the problems with the lady trying to park me last week when we got to Voyager, I was not happy to see the same thing happening here. But I solved the problem this time.

I ignored the gentleman and his confusing handsignals, and just backed in and parked myself.

Santa Fe Site 99

Here we are happily ensconced in Site 99. Not bad for just backing in with one try and no jogging back and forth.

Not sure what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. Maybe nothing, and that would be nice after the busy last week.

Thought for the Day:

“I’m not stubborn. My way is just better.”