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Shrimp Boats A Coming . . .

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Today was a stay-at-home, catch-up on some repairs kind of  day. And part of it was just goofing off. Very nice.

One thing I did was to replace the wire on the back of a picture that a friend painted of one of my family’s shrimp boats, one of seven we had at one time back in the early 60’s.

Shrimp Boat Picture

Then I replaced the rig door’s gas spring and mounting bracket.

Rig Door Air Spring Anchor

A while back the bracket broke off and took the gas spring mounting end with it. I was able to quickly get at new spring, but it took a while to track down a new bracket. American Coach couldn’t help because in their parts list, the bracket was part of the door and they didn’t stock parks for it.

New Air Spring

But while I was looking for something else on Amazon, I stumbled across a replacement bracket. And of course, as usual, I ordered two.

Again on the Amazon front, I had an order that was supposed to be delivered by the Post Office today, but a little after noon I received a text message saying that the package could not be delivered due a faulty address.

Now I had had two packages delivered here on Friday and Saturday so I knew Amazon had the correct address. So I assumed the PO had screwed up somehow. But this time it turned out to be Amazon’s fault.

After talking to both Amazon and the PO, I found out that the address on the package was incomplete. Instead of

Greg White
c/o Santa Fe RV Park
1800 N. Ironwood Dr.
Apache Junction, AZ  85120-1912

All it had was

c/o Santa Fe RV Park
1800 N. Ironwood Dr.
Apache Junction, AZ  85120-1912

Apparently the PO couldn’t just go ahead and just deliver it to the RV park and let us sort it out. So I’ve got to call tomorrow and see if I can pick it up at the PO.

David, a blog reader, had this question about our use of Passport America as we travel around the country. Here’s what he said.

You seem to use PA frequently when you guys are moving around. 
I have found that many parks place “harsh” limits on the usage of PA.  along with some pretty run down parks.  What’s you take on this.

Here was my reply.


We use PA all the time, and have since we started RV’ing in 2007.

If we’re going to an area/park that we haven’t used before, I check the park out on RVParkReviews.com. This lets me weed out any questionable parks.

It’s worked well so far.

All the parks have different PA rules. Some parks only let you stay a day or two, or three. Some a week, or some will let you stay an unlimited time.

This park, Santa Fe RV Park, a very nice park, lets you stay 14 days, saving us $280 for the two weeks.

PA is $45/year.

So three nights at $15 instead of $30 a night pays for a year’s membership in PA.

Normally this only takes us a couple of weeks each year.

Hope this helps.

We consider PA one of our best values, and it saves us hundreds of dollars or more every year.

Thought for the Day:

“The ultimate result of shielding men from the results of folly is to fill the world with fools.” John Stuart Mill, 1859