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MacGyvering It . . .

Since we had a 300+ mile trip today, we pulled out of the Pecan Valley RV Park about 9am, and a few minutes later we were heading west on I-10 again.

Except for some of  the roughest roads we’ve seen in a while, the trip was pretty smooth. We had some heavy misting falling from the overcast skies, but it all cleared up later in the afternoon.

We pulled into the Southern Star RV Park in Van Horn about 2:45pm, and got parked in the first available space. The office was closed until 3pm so I got plugged in, and ran into a problem.

Although my Progressive EMS (Electrical Management System) said the power was good, and it was routing it into the coach, no power was getting inside. So my next stop was the Transfer Switch under the bed.

And that was where the problem was. Power was going in to the contactor but not coming out. For some reason the contactor was not pulling in.

So using a large screwdriver I pushing the contactor in and now we had power. But it still wouldn’t latch closed. So I MacGyvered it. (Jan says I was MacGyver before there was a MacGyver.)

Using two popsicle sticks I jammed the contactor closed and we were back in business. Hopefully it will hold for a few days until we’re parked in Benson for four days. Otherwise, I have plenty of popsicle sticks left.

Transfer Switch Problems_thumb[1]

About 5pm we walked next door to the Van Horn Steakhouse. Or rather we tried to. When we were here two years there was a shortcut out the side fence of the park. But after we walked all the way over there we found a new fence and NO shortcut.

So it was all the way back around to the front entrance of the park, out on the sidewalk, and down the block. But it was worth the walk.

We both started with their delicious salads with their homemade dressing, Jan’s Bleu Cheese, and mine Buttermilk Ranch.

Van Horn Steakhouse Salad_thumb[1]

Then we both got steaks with the Roasted Baby Carrots.

Van Horn Steakhouse Ribeye_thumb[1]

My Ribeye was fantastic, as were the carrots

Then  we finished up by sharing a Homemade Peach Cobbler.

Van Horn Steakhouse Peach Cobbler_thumb[1]

After that delicious meal we definitely needed the long walk back to the rig.

Tomorrow we’ve got a 165 mile trip to Las Cruces for a two day stay.

Thought for the Day:

“If you don’t get everything you want, think of the things you don’t get that you don’t want.” ― Oscar Wilde