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It Wasn’t Me . . .

Despite the many rumors,I was not the person in Texas who won the $560 million Powerball Lottery.

Darn it!

After calling to say he was running a little behind and would be here between 1:00 and 1:30, the RV Mobile Lube guy showed up at 1:15 and got right to work.

RV Mobile Lube Truck

He did the complete Full Service Oil Change which consisted of changing engine oil, oil filter, primary and secondary fuel filters, lubing the chassis and driveline, checking all fluids, and correcting tire pressures. And he also did the Coolant Service which consisted of testing the coolant, and changing the coolant filter. He pointed out a couple of things to keep an eye in the next year, and two hours later he was on his way. Total cost was $430, and now I’m done for another two years.

Another thing I like about using RV Mobile Lu is that they give you a complete online list of all your service work. Here’s what mine looks like.

RV Mobile Lube History2

Today’s service has not been added yet.

* * * * *

Unlike my call yesterday to Starlights RV Lights people about my defective patio lights, today I had the pleasure of talking to a company that knows what customer service is all about.

In 2008, when we had only been on the road for about two weeks, one of the first things I purchased for our coach was a Progressive Industries EMS-LCHW50 unit like this one.


It is hardwired into our incoming shore power, such that it monitors the quality of the power. It not only acts as surge protector, but will detect a multitude of power problems, i.e. overvoltage, undervoltage, off frequency, open neutral and ground, and several others. When you first plug into a pedestal, it will not let the power into your coach until it is satisfied that it meets all of the criteria.

Twice in our seven years of RV’ing, our EMS unit has kept us from letting bad power into our coach, including one time when the power was so bad it burned out a board in the unit, but nothing got into our coach. And since the unit has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, Progressive Industries OVERNIGHTED me a new board with just a phone call.

* * * * *

This is a travesty.

Abe's Corn Cake

It is served as cornbread. They lie. It is not. If anything, it is corn cake.

It has the texture, taste, and sweetness of cake, and almost certainly has more flour than cornmeal in it.

If you iced it, you could sing Happy Birthday around it and nobody would be the wiser.

And don’t even get me started about cornbread dressing.


Thought for the Day:

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein


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