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A Happy Kitty . . .

Today was nice. It was the first time in about a week that I hadn’t had to be by 8am. And tomorrow I’ll be back up early since Chris will be back over to work some more on the fiberglass repair problem.

But today we slept in and made it a stay at home day.

I did have one project for the day though, I wanted to flush the rig’s water heater. With all the medical stuff last year,  I didn’t get to it then, the first time I’ve missed it in 7 years. Rather than just repeat myself, here’s the link to how I did it two years ago. Water Heater Flush. And since I skipped a year, I used the vinegar treatment that I mentioned here.

I remember when I did this after our first year on the road at the end of 2008. It was pretty obvious that it had never been done before on our 1999 American Eagle. When I used this Water Heater Cleaning Wand,

Water Heater Wand

‘gunk’ just came pouring out. In fact I think it must have been half full of stuff, because after the flush, we seem to have a lot more hot water.

And today, probably because of the vinegar, I got a lot more stuff out than other years, a lot of black ‘gunk’ and little white stones of calcium carbonate.

So that’s another thing checked off my list.

Later in the afternoon I went up to the office to pick up my Amazon mail and drop off some copies of the Gypsy Journal. Mister was happy for two reasons.

He got a new box to play in,

Mister's New Amazon Box

and the box contained 48 cans of his favorite cat food.

Meow Mix

Apparently the flavor he likes is very popular, and no matter where we shop, they’re quite often out of it. So checking Amazon, I found I can buy it cheaper online, and get Prime two day shipping.

So Mister’s a happy kitty.


Thought for the Day:

Age Takes Its Toll. Please Have Exact Change.


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