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Just to Get the Taste out of our Mouths . . .

Jan was up at 6am this morning to wait for Landon to wake up. Lowell had to head out to work about that time, so Jan wanted to be up when Landon got up, which was about 30 minutes later.

Brandi is out in San Diego at a business conference. I don’t know though.

Does this look like work to you?

Brandi in San Diego

Lucky me, I got to sleep in, all the way until 8am.  Then about 8:30, Jan, Landon, and I headed out for breakfast at the Denny’s over on Fry Rd. Landon had pancakes, fruit, bacon, and chocolate milk. Lowell said Landon’s going through another growth spurt, and sometimes really puts it away, and then doesn’t eat much the next day.

About 10am, we dropped Landon off at The Goddard School where he goes. Landon insists it’s not daycare, “It’s School!” And he’s right.

One thing we thought was funny was that as soon as we walked into the classroom with Landon, three little girls piped up with “Hello, Landon!”

Getting back to Brandi’s, Jan read and I took a nap while we were waiting to see if we we would be needed to help with Landon later in the day, but Lowell got free on time, so a little after 3pm Jan and I headed out.

We had already decided to have dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria to get the taste of yesterday’s food court pizza out of our mouth’s. But it doesn’t pay to get there before 4pm, because they shut down the coal-fired ovens between 3 and 4 to shovel out the ash, re-stoke them with coal, and then light’em up again.

Grimaldi's Woodlands 4

Grimaldi's Woodlands 5

We got our usual small house salad, which is a bowl big enough for both of us, and a large pizza (18”) with mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian sausage, meatballs, and extra cheese.  As big as this is, we can only eat half, so we have the rest to bring home. Heats up great in the convection oven.

Getting close to home, we stopped in at the Kroger’s in Dickinson for a few things, and I bought $10 worth of Powerball tickets for Wednesday night’s $450 million dollar drawing.

Ya can’t win if ya don’t play.


Thought for the Day:  Fun Fact

The first pyramids were built while the woolly mammoth was still alive.


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