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Piddling . . .

After Jan and I had very early (too early) coffee and Miss Terry’s Cinnamon Rolls, our son Chris showed up for my (his) latest project.

He was going to repair the damaged fiberglass on the bottom corners of our rig’s front cap.

The first one is a mystery. In 2008 during our first month on the road, we were parked in the parking lot in front of Al’s RV Supply in the Fortuna Foothills in Yuma, AZ. We were in the store for about an hour, and then after eating lunch, we came out to find this on the right side just in front of the door.

Rig Repari B4 3

Rig Repari B4 4

No one was near us when we parked, and no one was nearby when we came out.

This second one, on the driver’s side, was Nick’s fault, and that’s all I’ll say about this one.

Rig Repari B4 1

Rig Repari B4 2

So after Chris checked out the damage, we drove up to the Home Depot in Kemah to pick up supplies, including the fiberglass stuff.

Getting back to the rig, Chris started out by using his multifunction tool to cut away the ragged edges of the break underneath the light.

Rig Repair Front Day 1 1

Then he pop-riveted a temporary plate on the front of the break to hold it together while he pop-riveted a hidden, permanent one on the back.

Rig Repair Front Day 1 2

This got him here.

Rig Repair Front Day 1 3

Then he brushed some resin on the break to bond it together.

Rig Repair Front Day 1 4

That finished up this part for now.

Now starting on the side, he used cardboard to create a temporary frame to support the first layers of fiberglass cloth.

Rig Repair Side Day 1 1

By now it was getting to be lunchtime, so along with Jan, we drove up to Stomp’s Burger Joint in Bacliff. This is one of our favorite local places, and nearby too.

Stomp's Hog Wild Burger

Stomp's Half and Half

Great burgers, fries and onion rings.

Getting back to work, Chris next laid in cloth along the bottom of the break and started brushing on resin,

Rig Repair Side Day 1 2

Rig Repair Side Day 1 3

and laying on several more layers of cloth, and then more resin.

Rig Repair Side Day 1 4

Then it’s just resin, cloth, resin, cloth, resin, as he builds up the patch,

Rig Repair Side Day 1 6

Ending up here for the day.

Rig Repair Side Day 1 7

So why do I have my son Chris doing fiberglass body work on my rig? And why do I know that this patch will turn out looking great?

Because of this.

Century Arabian 3

Century Arabian 2

It’s a 1977 16 ft. Century Arabian, with a Ford 351 Windsor (Mercruiser) engine, and a Velvet Drive inboard/outboard drive unit.

When a friend of Chris’ gave (yes, gave) it to him, it hadn’t been used in years, the bottom was rotted out and there was a TREE growing out of it.

He spent over two years, refurbishing it from top to bottom, and stem to stern, including rebuilding the 233hp engine and the i/o drive unit. And he did all the work himself.

So I don’t think he’ll have a problem with my piddling little repair job.


Thought for the Day:

Everyone sees what you appear to be, but few experience what you really are.


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