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Bigger Tips . . .

Our son Chris was back at work around 9am, starting out by  sanding down the high spots on yesterday’s glass and resin work.

Rig Repair Side Day 2 1

Rig Repair Side Day 2 2

Then he used his multifunction tool to trim off any overhanging fiberglass cloth underneath.

Rig Repair Side Day 2 3

Next, Chris used a spreader to towel on fiberglass body filler to fill in and smooth out the surface.

Rig Repair Side Day 2 4

Rig Repair Side Day 2 5

And after it was dry, it was back to the sanding.

Rig Repair Side Day 2 6

When he finally finished up for the day, he was here.

Rig Repair Side Day 2 7

Rig Repair Side Day 2 8

He’s still got some more to fill in on the front section, but that will have to wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

But remember he started out here yesterday with this. He’s doing a great job.

Rig Repari B4 1

While Chris was working on the rig, I installed the new right angle fitting on my air compressor. With the way the hose sticks straight out, it gets banged around a lot in the back of the truck so I wanted to try and fix that.

Air Compressor Repair 1

So I got a right angle fitting to take care of the problem, ending up like this.

Air Compressor Repair 2

Later after Chris had finished up and headed home, Jan and I left the rig about 3:30 to make a Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart run up in Webster.

On the way up, we checked out a new RV park being built at the corner of SR96 and Hwy 3. It looks like it’s close to being done, but the entrance road was blocked off, probably because no one was working on the weekend. We’ll check it out  later during the week.

Heading back around 5:30, we decided to stop and have dinner at the Twin Peaks in Webster. Jan loves their Tomato Soup and I really like their Venison Chili.

One problem with eating at Twin Peaks is finding out your waitress’ name. The place is usually kind of loud, and if you don’t catch her name to start with, then you have to look at her nametag. Which is strategically placed in an area where it is impolite to stare for very long. And for some reason the print is kind of small. It’s almost like they want you to spend extra time trying to figure out their name.

Probably think it will make their tips bigger, I guess.

Tomorrow Jan and I are going up to Brandi and Lowell’s in Katy to fill in as Landon sitters. Brandi is going on a business trip to San Diego tomorrow and won’t be back until Tuesday, so we’ll watch Landon while Lowell takes Brandi and some others to the airport. And with Monday being Lowell’s busy day, and his leaving the house early, we’ll get Landon to school before we come back home Monday afternoon.


Thought for the Day:

“Those who dance are called insane by those who don’t hear the music.” – Eddie Vedder


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