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Back To Conroe . . .

Although today was moving day, back over to the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails. But since it’s only about 45 minute trip, we weren’t in any hurry.

Jan was up at her usual 7, but I lounged around until about 9 before I got up.Then I spent an hour or so prepping us to travel in the afternoon.

Then a little before 11, Jan and I headed east into Coldspring to have the All You Can Eat Turkey and Dressing at the Paradise Grill, where we were meeting up with Debi and Ed Hurlburt.

Turns out that in addition to the Turkey & Dressing, they also had Fried Chicken, Chicken Strips, and Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, as well as about 10 different vegetables, and even desserts, all for only $11.95

It is a buffet, and AYCE, but it’s not self-serve. The lady behind the counter gives you what you ask for. And if you want more later, your waitress brings it to you at your table.

Paradise Grill Turdey and Dressing

Here I’ve got Turkey & Dressing, a Chicken Strip, Cornbread Dressing, Mashed Potatoes,  Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows, White Butter Beans, and Green Beans.

And as it turns out that one platter full was actually All We Could Eat, and we didn’t even have room for dessert.

Really great food, and we’ll definitely come back here again, that is, if we ever come back to this park. As usual we all sat around talking for over two hours before we all headed back to the park.

Back at the park, I took a couple of bags of garbage down to the dumpster and then tried to pay, for the 3th time.

So far no one has come around to collect the rent, even though I’ve talked to her several times. She just says, “I’ll check the amount and let you know.” What’s to check? It’s 11 days times $14.50/day = $159.50.

So that’s what I left in an envelope on the little office door, along with someone else’s envelope, probably from the people who came in yesterday afternoon and then left this morning.

But when Ed talked to a guy last week, he said he would be by to pick up the money on Saturday for both of us, but he never showed. He also said the rate was really $45/day? And he wasn’t going to do Passport America anymore since he was losing morning on it.

Not sure how he;’s losing money, though, since counting us and the Hurlburt’s, he only has about 10 rigs in the park’s 31 spaces. So between the two of us he’s raked in over $250. And we certainly didn’t use that much power or water,

Sounds like a profit to me.

Tomorrow’s another Clear Lake day so I’ll be on the road about 9:30.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

The Word of the Day is: Anathematize

Thought for the Day: 

Don’t you just hate it when the voices in your head argue with your imaginary friends.


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