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Red Bags As Far As The Eye Can See . . .

When I talked about the many problems with the Chicago Soda Tax, leading to its repeal yesterday, I forgot to mention what they want to tax in its place: pot, weed, wacky tobaccy, the ganja.

Do I need to even talk about how well this will work?

Tricia, a long-time friend, commented on the Soda Tax, “I think that these politicians should at least consult with you before they put into place these bonehead ideas.”

And she’s correct. Nick Russell and I have said many times that the world would be a much better place if people listened to us more.

But apparently they never learn.

About 2:30 I went down to the park office to work out whether or not I’d owed the $15 TT bill that I had gotten in an email. It was kind of confusing since the time period in question was during the hurricane evacuation. Rebecca and I spent about 15 minutes going through my bill line by line, until we found where I did owe the $15.

Next up, I double-checked with Randall Cox, the park manager, to be sure we could use Passport America for our week out here, starting this Sunday, the 15th. Turns out we can. And even better, we don’t have to move.

When I asked Randall if we had to move to a site specially for Passport America users, he said, “No, why would you?” So I told him about our stay at the Countryside RV Park in Apache Junction in 2013.

We stay for two weeks there under our TT membership and then stayed our week out there under Passport America. But Countryside, actually an Encore park, had specific sites set aside for Encore, TT, and PA. So for our week out under PA, we had to move one site to the left for that week. And then at the end of the week, we had to move one site back to the right. But luckily for us, not this time.

So running the numbers, it looks like we’ll be staying here this next week. Here’s how it goes.

Hillcrest RV Park in Punkin, TX  –  $14.50 x 7 = $101.50

Staying here at Lake Conroe      –  $25.50 x 7 = $178.50 
($21.50 PA rate + $4 Resort Fee)

So a $77 difference.

But moving to Hillcrest means an extra 55 miles 3 times a week on my drive down to Clear Lake. Plus the 55 mile round-trip in diesel and gas over there and back for the rig and the truck. And the multiple trips back over to Conroe for dining and shopping.

And then there’s just the hassle of packing up and moving over there. And then back.

So here we stay.

While I was at the office I also ask about the power situation here in the ‘G’ section at Lake Conroe, and was told ‘Monday’. When I ask, “Which Monday?”, they just smiled and shook their heads.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

So as of right now, it’s still red bags as far as the eye can see.

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