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Now it’s Jan’s Turn . . .

Yesterday Jan started coming down with what I’ve got, just as I’m starting to get over it.

Some people are attributing this to the Harvey Hack, an upper respiratory infection seemingly caused by all the moldy debris laying around as the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

But my symptoms don’t quite fit. I started with a nagging cough that got worse and worse over a couple of days, finally getting so bad that my chest and diaphragm were so sore that it hurt to even stand. But that, along with a slight fever, is all I had. No sneezing, no congestion, just the cough.

But this morning I felt well enough to go back down to the Clear Lake area.

I spent most of the day catching up on making labels for a bunch of products using Avery Labels Design & Print program. If you don’t have a copy of this free program, you should.

It will do all this different types of these and more.

Avery D&P Uses

I had tried to call Jan several times during the day, but I guess her cell phone had run out of juice, because it keep telling me her phone was offline. So coming home, I took a chance that she might be hungry so I made a stop at the Willis Whataburger to pick up dinner.

She was asleep when I got here but with the smell of Whataburger, she rallied enough to eat and have some of the Coffee Milkshake I also brought home. Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow.

The FBI just released their UCR 2016 report breaking down Murder by State, and by Weapon.

Turns out you’re almost 5 times more likely to be killed by a knife or other bladed weapon than a rifle of any type, including any type of ‘assault weapon’. And almost twice as likely to beaten to death with hands, feet, fists, etc. than killed with a rifle.

On the Las Vegas Shooting front, a number of ex-military riflemen and hunters have come forward to say that the fact that the shooter used a ‘bump stock’ to spray bullets around meant that a lot less people were killed than might have been.

Their claim is that if he had used a rifle with a good scope and took his time he could killed a lot more people one at a time during the 10 minutes he was firing. And probably attracted a lot less attention. The distance was only about 500 yards, a distance that hunters regularly take down deer in the hill country. In fact you can go online and find videos of guys shooting golf balls at 500 yards. So a person wouldn’t be a problem.

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The Word of the Day is: Sericeous

Thought for the Day:

Always remember, it’s Pillage first, THEN Burn!


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