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On The Mend, Maybe . . .

It’s been a rough couple of days for me. And for Jan too, since she has to listen to my hacking cough, and take care of me.

About this time every Fall I get a cough. Not really bad, but just a tickle in my throat that makes me cough ever so often. So when I started coughing a little last week, I wasn’t surprised. I’ve always figured it was an allergy of some sort. Possibly ragweed, since it’s supposed to be bad this time of the year.

But night before last it got really bad, coughing all during the night every few minutes, not letting me get a lot of sleep. But except for the constant nagging cough, I really didn’t feel that bad.

So Jan and I headed down to the Clear Lake to meet up with Chris, Linda, Brandi, and Landon at the Webster Cheddar’s for lunch. My cough did abated somewhat, during lunch, but returning with a vengeance after I got go work.

I spent most of the afternoon sitting at my desk/workbench soldering up a bunch of connectors.

Jan spent the afternoon over at Chris’ as he worked on Landon’s Halloween costume. So I actually worked until 6pm rather than 3:30 like I normally do. Leaving work I stopped at the corner CVS to get some strong cough syrup

By now I was starting to feel pretty dodgy, but still felt OK to drive home. Getting back to Conroe, we stopped at Kroger’s for a few grocery items, and gas. Nice to see that it’s dropping again, now down to $2.19.

We had planned to make a Culver’s for dinner, at least for Jan. I had planned to just get a shake or Concrete Freeze. But when we got there Jan said se though I was running fever, so I decided to go with the “feed a fever”? meme, so I ordered a small single hamburger.

By the time we got back to the rig I was on my last legs, and after taking the cough syrup I went straight to bed . . .  at 9:30. And didn’t get up until noon. Then after Jan fixed me some oatmeal I went back to bed until about 5pm.

Got up feeling a little better, but very sore in my joints from the coughing.

Later I had some some soup and then went back to bed by around 10:30. But if I don’t feel any worse I’ll go in to Clear Lake tomorrow.

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