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Buffalo Wings and Bluetooth . . .

Today was a nice, cool, rainy morning and afternoon, perfect for just lazing around the rig the whole time.

Especially since Jan was coming off a migraine.

This morning I got something a little different  in my email, a bill from the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails for $15, apparently left over from our recent hurricane-related extended stay here. I have a receipt for a $20 payment about the same time, a payment that doesn’t show on their records, so I’m guessing that will make up the difference. Hopefully.

With Jan feeling a lot better after a shower, we headed out about 3:45 for linner and some shopping. Linner was at Buffalo Wild Wings, one of our favorites. Especially since today is Half Price Wings Tuesday.

Or it used to be.

The last time we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings was back in May in Rapid City, SD, along with new friend’s Dave and Jeanne. And since was a Tuesday, our wings were all half price. But no more.

Apparently we ate so many wings that a month or so later, they discontinued the special. Instead It’s now Half Price Boneless Wings Tuesday. And since I don’t really care for the boneless variety, that doesn’t help me much.

But Jan like the boneless version so she got hers with Asian Zing sauce,

Buffalo Wild Wings Conroe 2

while I got my traditional wings with my usual Mango Habanero sauce, very hot.

Buffalo Wild Wings Conroe 1

We also got an order of Potato Wedges, also really good.

Leaving the restaurant we headed over to the nearby Sam’s Club so I could pick a prescription and a few other things. Walking down the aisle I came across these.

Bluetooth Beanie 1

Bluetooth Beanies

With no wires and built-in earphones, it makes a Bluetooth connection to your phone and lets you answer phone calls and listen to music, controlling the selection and the volume. And for only about $25.

As Sheldon says, “Everything’s better with Bluetooth.”

Bluetooth Beanie 2

Unfortunately I think you just get the beanies for your $25.

Then it was on to the next door Wal-Mart where Jan got her hair cut while I did the shopping. Finally coming home about 7:30, and after dark, we got to use our new remote to turn on both the outside and interior lights. Very nice.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Tomorrow’s another Clear Lake day so it’s on the road about 10am.

The Word of the Day is:  Nugatory

Thought for the Day:

All will become clear when it is too late to matter. 


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